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The crew at CBC Halifax care about the quality of the product, and go out of their way to make a client happy.

- Geoff D'Eon,
Halifax Comedy Fest

Studio 1

Fully equipped multi-camera HD production studio, with a vast inventory of lighting, audio, and other support equipment.

Studio One has a rich history of being home to award winning hit television series such as Gemini winners Codco and This Hour has 22 Minutes to the Emmy winning children's series Street Cents.

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60 ft. x 80 ft. approx. 4,800 sq. ft.
19 ft.
Loading Door Clearance:
Level Access: Doors to the parking lot from the studio are 12 ft. wide by 10 ft. 11 in. in height.
Dock Access:
The loading dock doors are as follows, the roll-up door is 7 ft. high x 8 ft. wide, and the interior door is 9 ft. wide by 7 ft. high.
  • The Cyc is in three sections: 164 ft., 74 ft. and 39 ft. wide. It is 17 ft. in height
  • Two tracks, 4 ft. from the wall; can split the studio in half
  • Limbo is full studio surround, or can be split the studio in half
  • Independent 400A 3F disconnect on the studio floor
  • Technical grounded power throughout facility
Grid / Battens / Lighting Infrastructure:
  • Grid is fixed at 19 ft.; with 4 ft. grid spacing
  • Strand Light Palette 520 Console
  • DMX distribution throughout studio grid (XLR-5 Connectors)
  • Electro-Controls Dimmers (300 - 2k, 27 - 5k)
  • A wide array of fixtures including 250 5K fresnels, source 4s, and soft lights
  • HMI fixtures available at extra cost
Staging / Fly System Boom:
  • No battens
  • Three man lifts, 2 Vertical, 1 with Articulated Boom