Filthy Gorgeous in Studio Q


Filthy Gorgeous, as the title implies, is a film about contradictions. Its subject, Penthouse founder and filmmaker Bob Guccione, is full of them: he's a sleaze and a social reformer, an astute businessman and an incorrigible gambler, a bright light and a burn out. Guccione's life shapes, and is shaped by, the 1960s cultural revolution. He hitches his star to the rising porn industry, but decelerates after investing in everything from casinos to nuclear reactors. It's a portrait saturated with of character, colour and contrast. The "porn king's" son, Bob Jr., and the Montreal-born filmmaker behind the documentary, Barry Avrich, join Jian to discuss the film's "warts and all" portrayal of the influential figure. Avrich, who has a penchant for profiling moguls, has previously focused his lens on Lew Wasserman, Jackie Mason, Harvey Weinstein and Garth Drabinsky.

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