Where do you know Judy Greer from?


Despite Judy Greer's expansive resume, or perhaps because of it, strangers are prone to squinting at her and asking: "What do I know you from?" The actress has plenty of possible answers. She's played the best friend in romantic comedies like The Wedding Planner and 27 Dresses; has proved her dramatic chops in films like The Descendants and Adaptation; and has crossed over into television with roles in Arrested Development and the animated series Archer. The FAQ partly inspired Greer's hilarious new collection of essays "I Don't Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star". She joins Jian to discuss her 15-year career in Hollywood, what she's learned from sharing bathrooms with Hollywood's biggest stars, and why she still sees herself as a pretty average person ... who happens to have over 90 credits in movies and television to her name.

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