"The F Word" star Zoe Kazan


The F Word has been described as a funny, surprising, and realistic romantic comedy -- one that director Michael Dowse says will not make boyfriends "throw up in their own mouths." It may just be this generation's When Harry Met Sally. Actress and writer Zoe Kazan is the film's animated female lead. Along with co-star Daniel Radcliffe, she immerses herself in a Toronto that isn't pretending to be New York as the two navigate the complexities of chemistry between friends -- specifically, when one is committed to someone else. Kazan joins Jian to discuss the film, which is based on a Canadian play called Toothpaste and Cigars, and the tensions that arise when you put two moral people in a very tempting situation. She also reflects on her own journey as as actress, a career she says includes real heartaches, and as a young woman exiting her twenties.

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