Finding a voice Part 2

Living Out Loud

Many voices, one person; Samantha Hodder learns how to be a one woman band. In earlier times many women found their voice but were held back from using it. But no-one could suppress the songs and poems of Bob Coe's amazing mother Connie. A young man says he wants to learn how to "sing like Marvin". Good luck with that because it's Marvin Gaye he's talking about! Find your voice and sing from the heart - like Rosella Fraser, raised in a home filled with baptist faith and gospel and country singing. "OH NO, SAY IT AIN'T SO!" THE "VOICE" OF LIVING OUT LOUD WILL FALL SILENT FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS AS WE DONATE OUR AIR TIME TO "THE 180", A NEW SHOW HOSTED BY JIM BROWN. WE WILL RETURN WITH LOTS OF GREAT NEW STORIES IN JULY. AU REVOIR; FROM CHRIS HOWDEN AND STEVE WADHAMS.

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