2012 Highlights

This is That

This week: We look back on the stories we reported on this year that meant the most to Canadians. In October, the Government of Canada announced that they would be looking for 20,000 full-time volunteers to fill positions across all federal departments due to budget cuts. We play our interview with the man in charge of the volunteer initiative, Bruce Madreen and the calls we received after that story aired. In November, a story broke about a Texas town putting sugar in its water supply to encourage its citizens to drink more tap water. We play for you our story with the town’s Commissioner of Utilities and the feedback we received for that story. We give you an encore performance of our interview with world renowned, Canadian diaphragmist Garry Haligan. Plus, we play Pat Kelly’s inspirational documentary about Dwayne Nolan, the Ontario man who attempted to be the first person in the world to go up Niagara Falls.

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