The Spanish Crucible - Episode 1 (Part 2)

Living Out Loud

Show 1 part 2 "The road to Spain" The Spanish civil war, 1936 -1939. More than 1600 Canadians went to fight to defend its elected government against a military coup led by General Francisco Franco. Over 400 of them died in battle or went missing. The exact figures will never be known. Who were these men? Why did they volunteer to risk their lives for a cause some of them hardly knew anything about? How did they fight? How did they die? And why were the survivors who limped home in defeat treated so badly - some blacklisted - even spied on by police and government officials? Thanks to an remarkable archive of recordings made nearly fifty years ago but until now never broadcast we can answer those questions and present, for the first time, the Spanish civil war as witnessed by Canadians who fought in the front lines. The story is told in two special editions of Living out Loud.

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