The Idea of Canada - Part 2

Living Out Loud

What forces might split Canada apart? What might keep us ogether? Most countries have a strong founding myth or a deep shared history. What do we have? What is our idea of nationhood? Do we even have one? This special edition of the program explores these questions in an unusual way. "The Idea of Canada" is an audio composition; part documentary, part music, part dream, part nightmare, with moments of chaos, quiet resignation, anger, hope and humour. It first aired in 1992, during a time of great fear that Canada might break up. It was commissioned to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of Glenn Gould whose groundbreaking contrapuntal radio documentaries of the late 1960's also captured competing ideas of nationhood and Canadian identity. Part 2 5. Quebec; poesie and protest" 6. What do you do with all that freedom?" 7. Je suis moitie moitie 8. Stories that bind

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