NDP prepares to run in next Quebec election

The House

This week on The House, guest-host Chris Hall talks politics, pipelines, and party priorities with NDP leader Tom Mulcair. Why is the NDP planning to start up a provincial party in Quebec? Plus, more negative publicity for the RCMP this week as the national police force grapples with dissent within its ranks. We ask Conservative Senator and former senior Mountie Vern White about the challenges Commissioner Bob Paulson faces in transforming the force. And we take the pulse of two upcoming elections, one here and the one south of the border. CBC's Tim Duboyce tells us how the leaders fared this week ahead of the first televised leaders debate on Sunday. And we speak with two former ambassadors about how the Republican Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket could impact Canada. Finally, we speak with Olivia Chow and Mike Layton, as they prepare to mark the one-year anniversary of Jack Layton's death next Wednesday Aug.22, 2012.

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