POWER & POLITICS - Monday, June 25, 2012

Power and Politics

Today on Power and Politics Tension rising: A second Turkish plane shot at by Syria just days after another was shot down. Will there be war between Syria and Turkey? Should NATO intervene? MPs Deepak Obhrai, Paul Dewar and John McKay debate what's next And - Is Egypt's new President strengthening ties to Iran? What does he mean when he says he will reconsider the peace treaty with Israel? Egypt's ambassador to Canada gives us latest on the new president. Plus - Are Public Servants ripping off the system by taking twice as many sick days as the private sector? Or are deep government cuts making them sick? The Vice President of the Publuc Service Alliance of Canada is here to defend the days off. And - Jaime Watt is here with a special Political Traction..... Traction Lesson's Learned.

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