The Assignment: Episode 1

Trust Inc

Serena Jordan is thrilled. Just three weeks ago, she snagged an awesome new job at the major public relations firm, Leger & Pratt. She's been assigned to the Special Projects Unit, a boy's club made up of team members Ben Lederman, Ricardo Sandoval and Marshall Whitman. Eager to impress, she's at the table as the team meets the new 'brief,' city councillor, James Yearwood.The assignment: raise his profile as he prepares to make the jump to federal politics. No sweat. Yearwood's articulate, passionate, good-looking and social media savvy. The boys think it's s slam dunk. And so does Serena. Until he starts sexting her, that is. Now, Serena is stuck. Should she keep quiet? Tell her team? Or confront her client and possibly risk it all.

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