John Le Carre Interview - Pt 2

And the Winner is

It was after the great success of "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold" that John le Carré devoted himself full-time to his writing. And he's had success after success, with many of his books made into movies - most recently, "The Constant Gardener" starring Ralph Fiennes. And although le Carré is now a an octogenarian, he certainly hasn't slowed down, publishing a new novel about every two years. In 2010, he published "Our Kind of Traitor", a novel that looks at Russian money laundering and its much broader political implications. In the summer of 2010, Writers and Company host Eleanor Wachtel went to see John le Carré at his home outside of Penzance in Cornwall, England. Mr. le Carré was so generous that what you'll hear today is the first of a two-part conversation - a Canadian exclusive. The interview with Mr. Le Carré won a Silver Medal at the New York Festivals.

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