Streets of Winkler, More Votes for the Educated (Panel), Choosing a New National Dessert, "Cloudshare," and "Speed Dating for Dads"

This is That

Season 2 - Episode 16: We find out why all the streets in the town of Winkler, MB point in the same direction. Host Pat Kelly conducts a round table discussion about whether Canadians with a university degree should get more voting power. Sherri Hickey of Campbell River, BC tells host Peter Oldring why the Nanaimo Bar is not Canada's best dessert. We profile Ethan Evans, the developer behind the new iPhone app "Cloudshare" and we present a feature documentary on the new social craze for older gentlemen in Canada, "Speed Dating for Dads." Plus, we play your phone messages about NASCAR building a track in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

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