Glenn Gould radio programme: Dialogues on the Prospects of Recording

Glenn Gould

First broadcast as part of a series on CBC Sunday Night in 1965, this is an exploration of the future of live concert performances. Glenn Gould speaks, as do other key figures in classical music, including: Schuyler Chapin (assistant director of the Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts), John Hammond and Paul Myers (producers at Columbia Records) Marshall McLuhan (director of the Institute for Culture and Technology, a professor at St. Michael's College, Univ. of Toronto), Dinah Menuhin (wife of violinist Yehudi Menuhin), Robert Offergeld (music editor of Hi‑Fi Stereo Review), Leon Feisher (American concert pianist) & Ludwig Diehn (Norfolk Va. businessman whose hobby is writing symphonies). With Gould, the panellists discuss whether the recording industry should try to duplicate the sound of the concert hall, or whether it should attempt to reproduce music in a different fashion, the future role of the artist,tape‑editor, critic and engineer, and the degree of satisfaction the artist is likely to derive from performing for an unseen audience. Their remarks are illustrated with recorded selections from the works of Lukas Foss, Dick Raaimakers, Frank Martin, Henri Pousseur and Igor Stravinsky.

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