June 22, 2011 - Part 1

The Story From Here

Host Ted Blades introduces us to two families with great back stories. Rabbi Callan David lives in Moose Jaw now, but he used to live in New York City, near his famous uncle, Larry David, co-founder of the hit TV series, Seinfeld. Rabbi David tells Regina host Sheila Coles how his grandfather inspired many of the program’s best laughs. Wendell Russell and his nine siblings hold a reunion each year on their mother’s birthday. They meet wherever there’s a marathon to run. The Russells run together and raise money for charity to honour their mother’s hard work raising them without a father. Elden Painter isn't getting much charity from the merchants on Greene Avenue in Montreal. They want the panhandler off the street. Problem is, the more fines for vagrancy he receives, the more money he has to collect from passersby.

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