CBC celebrates 75 years of Regional Programming (Clip 11)


In the 1930s, in the days before satellite communication, the CBC's Northern Messenger radio service was a vital link to the Arctic. It was one of the only ways to reach RCMP officers, missionaries and scientific researchers in remote places. Relatives and friends would send messages to the service and every weekend… they’d be broadcast all over the North. In the mid 1970s, the Berger Inquiry began its examination of a proposed pipeline in the Arctic. Hundreds of aboriginal people testified before the commission in their own languages. One of the long lasting impacts of the Berger commission was that CBC Northern Services started to broadcast in aboriginal languages. And now CBC North carries daily programming in Dene, Tlicho, North Slavey, South Slavey, Gwich’in, Inuvialuktun and Inuktitut.

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