CBC celebrates 75 years of Regional Programming (Clip 2)


Before there was a CBC, there was the CRBC- the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission. One of its most remarkable events was in April 1936 when J. Frank Willis did a series of reports about three men trapped underground in a gold mine in Moose River, Nova Scotia. For two minutes every half-hour Willis was live on air throughout North America. He continued for 56 hours straight. About 100 million people listened to North America's first live 24-hour news event. In the late 1940s one of CBC Radio’s most entertaining broadcasters was Max Ferguson. He got his start in Halifax. Listen to this spoof of a commercial that accompanied a popular CBC Radio soap opera. From Pictou and Naked Man Hill to Crapaud and Chocolate Cove, Atlantic Canada is a treasure trove of memorable place names. Listen to this piece from 1996 and Peter Gzowski’s Morningside.

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