CBC celebrates 75 years of Regional Programming (Clip 1)


One of the great stories of Newfoundland is when it joined Canada in 1949. Joey Smallwood was its first permier, but in the late 1930s, he was a broadcaster. As “Joe the Barrelman,” he hosted a daily radio show about Newfoundland history and traditions. Also, the fishery has been at the heart of Newfoundland and Newfoundland radio for decades. 81 year old Stella Bury in 1979 talks about growing up with the Atlantic cod. And in the late 1980s allegations of physical and sexual abuse at a St. John’s orphanage called Mount Cashel began to emerge. By 1989, it became synonymous with the abuse inflicted on its residents. The Winter Commission, which investigated some 300 allegations of abuse, released its findings. And an archbishop resigned.

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