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Desk Pets mission is creating entertaining toys and gadgets that live on our desks using environmentally friendly sources of energy. Desk Pets provides four products, they are: Skitterbot, Trekbot, Gobot and Solar Pet Rock. This line robotic toys cover various retail price points of approximately ($9.99, $14.99 and $19.99). Each of our products, except for the solar pet rock, is rechargeable from a USB power source using our patent pending USB recharger and controller. This recharging makes our products more environmentally friendly as well as we offer an entirely solar powered product. The Solar Pet Rock uses light to rock, the more light it receives the more it rocks. Gobot jumps to your attention at your command. Skitterbot is the fastest legged bot and travels at an amazing 1 foot per second. Trekbot is a hubless wheel robot that performs stunts and can traverse over obstacles. Our line of micro robotic creatures that are at the right price point, have good perceived value and with great play value for the money.

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