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While voters in 5 provinces and 2 territories will get to choose their next leader this fall... Voters in Alberta won't get say into who their next premier will be... At least not right away. Members of the province's Progressive Conservative Party will be the ones picking the province's new premier. And that's happening later today. The party has been reigning over Alberta for 4 decades now. And with leader Ed Stelmach stepping down... His successor will also inherit the Premier's chair. Doug Horner, Gary Mar and Alison Redford are still vying for the job. Mar was first -- by far -- on the first ballot. But keep in mind that before finally coming out on top five years ago, Ed Stelmach had finished third on the first ballot, only to come out of nowhere to win on the second. So we did a little digging into our House vault... Here's Ed Stelmach talking to party members on December 3rd, 2006.

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