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    Steven and Chris | Oct 24, 2014

    Steven and Chris share easy DIY projects to create a haunted yard, easy and amazing pumpkin carving ideas, plus a look at the latest gadgets to keep kids safe while trick-or-treating.

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    Coronation Street | Oct 24, 2014

    Roy's flat is ransacked. Luke offers to help Audrey with her driving. Eva tries to encourage Liz and Tony to sort out their differences. The judge sums up Peter's case.

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    The Nature of Things | Oct 23, 2014

    Is the future already here? Dr. Jennifer Gardy tries out new technology and explores fresh ideas about our relationship with nature.

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    Doc Zone | Oct 23, 2014

    As intense and unpredictable weather becomes the new normal, how can we adapt and survive?

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    Coronation Street | Oct 23, 2014

    Peter takes the stand. Maddie tries to broach the subject of literacy courses with Tim. Audrey is suddenly overcome with fear at the garage. Maddie and Sophie discover the café has been broken into.

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    Republic of Doyle | Oct 22, 2014

    Jake must keep his loose-cannon bail benefactor in check while chasing a dodgy money trail; Leslie returns to work but with some conditions; Sloan's decisions force Jake into making a deal with the devil.

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