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    Secrets and Lies | Jul 28, 2014

    With Detective Cornielle moving ever-closer to charging Ben for murder, Ben becomes even more desperate to clear his name. Meanwhile, Ben's neighbour Vanessa Turner is hiding a dark secret that could turn Thom's murder case on its head.

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    Coronation Street | Jul 28, 2014

    The police interview Peter. Tim warns Maddie not to make any rash decisions. Andrea's life becomes more complicated.

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    Q | Jul 27, 2014

    This week on Q: Colm Feore on his run as King Lear, Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) in conversation & performance.

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    True Crime Canada | Jul 27, 2014

    First-person accounts from passengers on Bus 1170, when Tim McLean was violently murdered by a fellow passenger.

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    Coronation Street | Jul 25, 2014

    Sophie offers to babysit Simon for Leanne. Gary starts work at the yard. Lloyd arrives back from his holiday. Marcus leaves the street.

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    Winnipeg Comedy Festival | Jul 25, 2014

    For some, High School's the best years of their lives. Those people generally don't grow up to be comedians. Canada's funniest comics recall their High School experiences both fondly and not-so-fondly along with everyone's favorite TV vice principal - host Jonathan Torrens (Mr. D).

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