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    Blackstone | Jul 4, 2015

    Alan finally confronts Andy about his indiscretions, and Leona gets a visit from an unwelcome guest.

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    Reel East Coast | Jul 3, 2015

    Rhonda’s Party / In Heart of Rhyme / Hold Up / Cancergirl

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    Coronation Street | Jul 3, 2015

    David interrogates Nick over his feelings for Carla. Roy and Tyrone discover what Cathy's been hiding. Alya struggles with her guilty secret. The Rovers Quiz takes place.

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    CBC News | Jul 2, 2015

    CBC film critic Eli Glasner compares Channing Tatum's 2nd stripper drama with Arnie's action epic reboot

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    Coronation Street | Jul 3, 2015

    Faye breaks down at the christening and Tim has to make a hard decision

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    CBC Television | Jul 3, 2015

    Fuku the owlet and Marimo the kitten love to play and nap together at their home in a Japanese cafe

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Coronation Street - Episode 8662Jun 24, 2015 | 21:11Coronation Street Episode 8662 VideoClosed Captions available
Coronation Street Episode 8662 Jun 24, 2015 | 21:11Alya meets up with a potential client. Kylie visits the Doctor and opens up about her past drug habit. Brian laments to Ken how he misses Julie.
Murdoch Mysteries - Houdini WhodunitJun 24, 2015 | 44:12Murdoch Mysteries Houdini Whodunit VideoClosed Captions available
Murdoch Mysteries Houdini Whodunit Jun 24, 2015 | 44:12Murdoch finds himself investigating a daring robbery and murder that is seemingly the work of none other than a young Harry Houdini (Joe Dinicol). Dr. Ogden's sister arrives in town and her attraction to Murdoch causes Ogden to evaluate her feelings for him.
Blackstone - Bingo NightJun 23, 2015 | 44:13Blackstone Bingo Night VideoClosed Captions available
Blackstone Bingo Night Jun 23, 2015 | 44:13Leona and members of Blackstone take the stand as the sexual abuse case comes to a head.
Still Standing - Bamfield, BCJun 23, 2015 | 21:56Still Standing Bamfield, BC VideoClosed Captions available
Still Standing Bamfield, BC Jun 23, 2015 | 21:56Jonny goes hard-core with some locals to discover the secret charms of Bamfield, British Columbia.
Fool Canada - Episode 1Jun 23, 2015 | 21:54Fool Canada Episode 1 VideoClosed Captions available
Fool Canada Episode 1 Jun 23, 2015 | 21:54Transportation Officer Richard Move (Will Sasso) tickets a skateboarder for speeding; Bylaw Enforcer Ian Yard (Sam Kalilieh) visits homeowners to introduce the Raccoon Release Program; and a Quebec Culture Officer (Craig Lauzon) inspects tourists in Ottawa for French content.
Coronation Street - Episode 8661Jun 23, 2015 | 21:12Coronation Street Episode 8661 VideoClosed Captions available
Coronation Street Episode 8661 Jun 23, 2015 | 21:12Kevin's beside himself, worried for Jack's safety. Rita's taken aback when Jenny phones her. Mary warns Dev to sort out his love life.
Murdoch Mysteries - Dinosaur FeverJun 23, 2015 | 44:09Murdoch Mysteries Dinosaur Fever VideoClosed Captions available
Murdoch Mysteries Dinosaur Fever Jun 23, 2015 | 44:09At a gala ball, Murdoch and Dr. Ogden witness the unveiling of a giant dinosaur skeleton - complete with the lifeless body of a young man trapped in its jaws. Murdoch's investigation leads him into the fascinating and deadly world of bone-hunters.
Halifax Comedy Festival - Featuring Jeremy HotzJun 22, 2015 | 21:57Halifax Comedy Festival Featuring Jeremy Hotz VideoClosed Captions available
Halifax Comedy Festival Featuring Jeremy Hotz Jun 22, 2015 | 21:57Tonight featuring Jeremy Hotz, Pete Zedlacher, Derek Edwards, Tim Nutt, Nile Seguin, Mike Delamont, Leland Klassen, DeAnne Smith, Dave Hemstad, Greg Proops and Nathan Macintosh
Halifax Comedy Festival - Featuring Mark CritchJun 22, 2015 | 21:56Halifax Comedy Festival Featuring Mark Critch VideoClosed Captions available
Halifax Comedy Festival Featuring Mark Critch Jun 22, 2015 | 21:56Mark Critch kicks off the 19th Season of Ha!ifax Comedy Fest! Featuring Greg Proops, Pete Zedlacher, Cathy Jones, Mike MacDonald, Dave Hemstad, Kelly Taylor, Keith Pedro, Orny Adams, Leland Klassen, Nathan Macintosh, and Jean Paul.
Coronation Street - Episode 8660Jun 22, 2015 | 21:12Coronation Street Episode 8660 VideoClosed Captions available
Coronation Street Episode 8660 Jun 22, 2015 | 21:12David confirms that he and Kylie are back together. Beth and Kirk are blown away by Craig's talent. Julie is on edge knowing Brian's back in town.
Murdoch Mysteries - Snakes and LaddersJun 22, 2015 | 44:10Murdoch Mysteries Snakes and Ladders VideoClosed Captions available
Murdoch Mysteries Snakes and Ladders Jun 22, 2015 | 44:10Murdoch finds himself teamed with a Scotland Yard Investigator who thinks the serial killer they're pursuing may be none other than Jack the Ripper. Murdoch invites Dr. Ogden (Helene Joy) to an up-coming ball, and to prepare for it, dancing lessons are the order of the day.
Coronation Street - Episode 8659Jun 19, 2015 | 21:14Coronation Street Episode 8659 VideoClosed Captions available
Coronation Street Episode 8659 Jun 19, 2015 | 21:14Michelle arrives home from her honeymoon. Jenny drops her guard and talks with feeling on the subject of grief. Kylie implores David to give her another chance. Beth accuses Craig of going to raves in the middle of the night.
Murdoch Mysteries - Mild, Mild WestJun 19, 2015 | 44:11Murdoch Mysteries Mild, Mild West VideoClosed Captions available
Murdoch Mysteries Mild, Mild West Jun 19, 2015 | 44:11When Buffalo Bill (Nicholas Campbell) Cody's Western Extravaganza pulls into town, murder follows closely behind. As Murdoch investigates, Inspector Brackenreid finds himself tempted by the legendary Annie Oakley (Sarah Strange).
Blackstone - Suffer the ChildrenJun 18, 2015 | 44:11Blackstone Suffer the Children VideoClosed Captions available
Blackstone Suffer the Children Jun 18, 2015 | 44:11While the Blackstone band members air their concerns over the new leadership, Leona allows the police to investigate a child abuse case in the community.
Balletlujah - BalletlujahJun 18, 2015 | 44:12Balletlujah Balletlujah VideoClosed Captions available
Balletlujah Balletlujah Jun 18, 2015 | 44:12A celebration of k.d. lang’s music, and the creation of a ballet based on her work.

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