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    WireTap - Half BakedJan 25, 2009 | 26:29WireTap Half Baked Audio
    WireTap Half Baked Jan 25, 2009 | 26:29Jonathan picks up the phone book and calls up other Jonathan Goldsteins to see what they have in common, aside from their name.
    WireTap - How to Say GoodbyeJan 18, 2009 | 26:29WireTap How to Say Goodbye Audio
    WireTap How to Say Goodbye Jan 18, 2009 | 26:29This week on WireTap Adam Davidson confronts the minister who ruined his grandmother's funeral. Plus Howard outsources his friendship with Jonathan to an Indian call center.
    WireTap - The Dinner PartyJan 11, 2009 | 26:30WireTap The Dinner Party Audio
    WireTap The Dinner Party Jan 11, 2009 | 26:30This week on WireTap, the how-tos of dinner party etiquette: place your napkin on your lap, chew with your mouth closed. Never use your salad fork as a back scratcher.
    WireTap - Meet the New BossDec 14, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Meet the New Boss Audio
    WireTap Meet the New Boss Dec 14, 2008 | 26:29Jonathan gets a tough new boss, with an all new style of management. We try to get to the bottom of an age old question: where does all the change in the shopping mall fountain go?
    WireTap - Rainy Day BluesDec 7, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Rainy Day Blues Audio
    WireTap Rainy Day Blues Dec 7, 2008 | 26:29Howard turns Jonathan on to the latest in home hair-care, the Trimco 3000. Plus, what do Howie Mandel, Kim Cattrall and Lorne Michaels have in common?
    WireTap - Into AmericaNov 30, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Into America Audio
    WireTap Into America Nov 30, 2008 | 26:29This week on WireTap, it's all about Americans and Canadians: the ways in which we fundamentally differ, and the ways in which we're pretty much the same.
    WireTap - Make Your Own FortuneNov 16, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Make Your Own Fortune Audio
    WireTap Make Your Own Fortune Nov 16, 2008 | 26:29He was one of the most prolific fortune cookie writers in history until he was stricken with writer's block: Jonathan speaks with Donald Lau of Wonton Food Inc. about what to do when your inspiration runs dry.
    WireTap - Human NatureNov 9, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Human Nature Audio
    WireTap Human Nature Nov 9, 2008 | 26:29This week flying cows that leak milk from the sky and a hippopotamus that hangs upside down like a sloth: it's Heather O'Neill's retelling of the H.G. Wells classic, The Isle of Dr. Moreau.
    WireTap - Who Wants to Live Forever?Nov 2, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Who Wants to Live Forever? Audio
    WireTap Who Wants to Live Forever? Nov 2, 2008 | 26:29Who wants to live forever? We speak with the director of the Immortality Institute to find out. And what Halloween discussion of immortality would be complete without Vampires?
    WireTap - The Fox and the HedgehogOct 12, 2008 | 26:29WireTap The Fox and the Hedgehog Audio
    WireTap The Fox and the Hedgehog Oct 12, 2008 | 26:29According to philosopher Archilochus, people are either foxes or hedgehogs, and this week on WireTap, Starlee explains why Jonathan is a classic hedgehog.
    WireTap - Where Do Babies Come From and Where Do Babies Go?Oct 5, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Where Do Babies Come From and Where Do Babies Go? Audio
    WireTap Where Do Babies Come From and Where Do Babies Go? Oct 5, 2008 | 26:29Ever wondered if you were delivered by a stork as a baby or dug up from a cabbage patch? A lesson in human reproduction as Heather O'Neill reads her short story "Where Babies Come From".
    WireTap - I Can't Find the BooksSep 21, 2008 | 26:29WireTap I Can't Find the Books Audio
    WireTap I Can't Find the Books Sep 21, 2008 | 26:29Jonathan finds himself double-booked. Having been scheduled to introduce an experimental art band at the CBC, but having also promised to take his 9 year-old goddaughter honey-tasting.
    WireTap - Where Did All the Spaniards Go?Sep 14, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Where Did All the Spaniards Go? Audio
    WireTap Where Did All the Spaniards Go? Sep 14, 2008 | 26:29Jonathan's father reminisces about a trip to Barcelona, and Howard bonds with his pug, Desmond. And who is the better hero: Superman or Batman?
    WireTap - Life is LovelySep 7, 2008 | 26:29WireTap Life is Lovely Audio
    WireTap Life is Lovely Sep 7, 2008 | 26:29This Jonathan tests Tucker's perception skills with a pop quiz about the details of his own apartment.

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