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WireTap - This One's For The ChildrenJun 10, 2006 | 27:30WireTap This One's For The Children Audio
WireTap This One's For The Children Jun 10, 2006 | 27:30Howard takes up ventriloquism and his dummy, Daniel, has it in for Jonathan. And a failed experimental novelist decides to try his hand at writing a children’s book.
WireTap - I Can See You Through The RadioJan 15, 2006 | 27:30WireTap I Can See You Through The Radio Audio
WireTap I Can See You Through The Radio Jan 15, 2006 | 27:30Josh insists that Jonathan should limit the self-revelation on his show, and then finds himself revealing yet another intimate aspect of his life ?on air.
WireTap - A Bottle of SeltzerMay 21, 2006 | 27:30WireTap A Bottle of Seltzer Audio
WireTap A Bottle of Seltzer May 21, 2006 | 27:30Jonathan's friends decide that if he got spritzed in the face with seltzer it would give the show a much needed dose of funny.
WireTap - Who is the Mud Dog?Feb 26, 2006 | 27:30WireTap Who is the Mud Dog? Audio
WireTap Who is the Mud Dog? Feb 26, 2006 | 27:30What would you do if you had a call-in show and no one called? Jonathan Goldstein flounders until Gregor calls with pointers on how to make the show better.
WireTap - Career OpportunitiesMar 19, 2006 | 27:30WireTap Career Opportunities Audio
WireTap Career Opportunities Mar 19, 2006 | 27:30A career counselor advises Jonathan to stick with the job he has, since he shows no promise in an attempt to make headway in the field of fashion.
WireTap - Come on Get HappySep 25, 2005 | 29:30WireTap Come on Get Happy Audio
WireTap Come on Get Happy Sep 25, 2005 | 29:30The undisputed world champion of Simon Says plays a round with Jonathan over the phone; in the midst of a yelling match a man is approached by a stranger with an unusual job offer.
WireTap - Goody Two ShoesJun 4, 2006 | 27:30WireTap Goody Two Shoes Audio
WireTap Goody Two Shoes Jun 4, 2006 | 27:30Gregor makes it a habit to write eulogies for all his friends and he has one for Jonathan on file. Jon Tucker gets an obscure song stuck in his head and calls Jonathan for relief.
WireTap - A Gentleman's Guide to GroomingApr 23, 2006 | 26:52WireTap A Gentleman's Guide to Grooming Audio
WireTap A Gentleman's Guide to Grooming Apr 23, 2006 | 26:52Goldstein is lectured about history's worst haircuts, lambasted for his pompousness and poor toilette, and taken to the mat for pretending to have a beard.
WireTap - CompassionDec 18, 2005 | 27:27WireTap Compassion Audio
WireTap Compassion Dec 18, 2005 | 27:27As a way to make new friends, Josh gets a parrot. This turns out to be more complicated than anticipated, but out of compassion he has to hang onto the bird. Forever.
WireTap - ForsakenMar 26, 2006 | 27:30WireTap Forsaken Audio
WireTap Forsaken Mar 26, 2006 | 27:30Billy Mavreas shows off his collection of lost objects and Jonathan calls up children to ask if they recognize certain extinct sounds that may date as far back as his childhood.
WireTap - Mr. HelpfulMay 7, 2006 | 27:30WireTap Mr. Helpful Audio
WireTap Mr. Helpful May 7, 2006 | 27:30Operation Guerilla Opera. Jonathan sends a trained soprano out on a mission: taking opera to the street.
WireTap - The BelieversSep 18, 2005 | 29:30WireTap The Believers Audio
WireTap The Believers Sep 18, 2005 | 29:30Jonathan has an awkward encounter with an old man who claims to be his guardian angel. And after two friends break up, Jonathan listens while they talk about each other and the end of their relationship.
WireTap - PerformanceNov 6, 2005 | 27:30WireTap Performance Audio
WireTap Performance Nov 6, 2005 | 27:30Jonathan Goldstein performs stand-up? using material from way off the beaten track. And a very special version of Stairway to Heaven. Plus, karaoke Goldstein-style.
WireTap - The Art of CharityNov 13, 2005 | 27:30WireTap The Art of Charity Audio
WireTap The Art of Charity Nov 13, 2005 | 27:30Goldstein fields a request to appear in CBC You Naked, a fundraising calendar for a good cause; Josh gets a maid he can't afford which forces him to pretend to be someone important.
WireTap - One of a KindNov 20, 2005 | 27:30WireTap One of a Kind Audio
WireTap One of a Kind Nov 20, 2005 | 27:30Jonathan tells the story of his mother's penchant for returning purchases to the store. Jonathan and Gregor exchange duelling phone messages. Whose mother has made life more unbearable?

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