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    As It Happens | Dec 19, 2014

    Words of the wise. A young couple in love, wanting to buy each other the perfect present. Fireside Al reads the O. Henry Christmas classic, "The Gift of the Magi."

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    The Current | Dec 23, 2014

    Brian Little is a Canadian psychologist who's been studying the science of personality for decades . His guide to if you're an introvert or extrovert pre-dates Buzzfeed. His new book helps answer the question of whether your personality is your destiny.

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    Living Out Loud | Dec 21, 2014

    A fresh cut tree, gifts from a rich uncle, a Christmas pudding recipe from Charles Dickens PLUS stories and music from the Exultate Chamber Singers.

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    Writers and Company | Dec 21, 2014

    Eleanor Wachtel spoke with Zadie Smith, onstage in front of a sold-out audience, at Harbourfront in Toronto. They talked about her new book "NW", set on her home turf in London.

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    As It Happens | Dec 22, 2014

    Iroquois Falls closes, tape: De Blasio on police killings, warbler study, script: parrot headline/**music removed online due to copyright**

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    White Coat Black Art | Dec 23, 2014

    On this holiday edition and season finale of White Coat, Black Art: Dr Brian Goldman's conversation with Nikhil Joshi, physician and cancer survivor.

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WireTap - CompassionDec 18, 2005 | 27:27WireTap Compassion Audio
WireTap Compassion Dec 18, 2005 | 27:27As a way to make new friends, Josh gets a parrot. This turns out to be more complicated than anticipated, but out of compassion he has to hang onto the bird. Forever.
WireTap - Samson and Delilah, and "Beware of God" with author Shalom AuslanderApr 16, 2006 | 27:28WireTap Samson and Delilah, and "Beware of God" with author Shalom Auslander Audio
WireTap Samson and Delilah, and "Beware of God" with author Shalom Auslander Apr 16, 2006 | 27:28Jonathan Goldstein with his award-winning retelling of Samson and Delilah. And Sholem Auslander, author of the collection of short stories "Beware of God."
WireTap - ForsakenMar 26, 2006 | 27:30WireTap Forsaken Audio
WireTap Forsaken Mar 26, 2006 | 27:30Billy Mavreas shows off his collection of lost objects and Jonathan calls up children to ask if they recognize certain extinct sounds that may date as far back as his childhood.
WireTap - A Bottle of SeltzerMay 21, 2006 | 27:30WireTap A Bottle of Seltzer Audio
WireTap A Bottle of Seltzer May 21, 2006 | 27:30Jonathan's friends decide that if he got spritzed in the face with seltzer it would give the show a much needed dose of funny.
WireTap - Do It Yourself Fun TimeOct 9, 2005 | 29:30WireTap Do It Yourself Fun Time Audio
WireTap Do It Yourself Fun Time Oct 9, 2005 | 29:30Jonathan convinces Zuuzuu to invent a story with him over the phone; Howard launches a new career as a professional party animal. Plus, an 81-year-old punster.
WireTap - SeductionOct 2, 2005 | 30:00WireTap Seduction Audio
WireTap Seduction Oct 2, 2005 | 30:00Aste Spumante, velour wallpaper, corduroy beanbag chairs, Jonathan pulls out all the stops to seduce; Josh explains how the thrill of seduction is vital to his life.
WireTap - Come on Get HappySep 25, 2005 | 29:30WireTap Come on Get Happy Audio
WireTap Come on Get Happy Sep 25, 2005 | 29:30The undisputed world champion of Simon Says plays a round with Jonathan over the phone; in the midst of a yelling match a man is approached by a stranger with an unusual job offer.
WireTap - PerformanceNov 6, 2005 | 27:30WireTap Performance Audio
WireTap Performance Nov 6, 2005 | 27:30Jonathan Goldstein performs stand-up? using material from way off the beaten track. And a very special version of Stairway to Heaven. Plus, karaoke Goldstein-style.
WireTap - The Art of CharityNov 13, 2005 | 27:30WireTap The Art of Charity Audio
WireTap The Art of Charity Nov 13, 2005 | 27:30Goldstein fields a request to appear in CBC You Naked, a fundraising calendar for a good cause; Josh gets a maid he can't afford which forces him to pretend to be someone important.
WireTap - A Listening EarJan 29, 2006 | 27:29WireTap A Listening Ear Audio
WireTap A Listening Ear Jan 29, 2006 | 27:29A student calls in for advice on what to do when her dad starts reading her blog.

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