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    WireTap - Old ScoresNov 6, 2004 | 29:28WireTap Old Scores Audio
    WireTap Old Scores Nov 6, 2004 | 29:28Goldstein gets back together with the guitarist from his old band in a reunion filled with accusations, recrimination and general ill will. Also, one couple's pain-filled custody battle over a dog.
    WireTap - Halloween Special (2004)Oct 30, 2004 | 26:29WireTap Halloween Special (2004) Audio
    WireTap Halloween Special (2004) Oct 30, 2004 | 26:29A mysterious email murder confession, a candid conversation with the Devil, and the scariest movie of all time.
    WireTap - Our FathersOct 23, 2004 | 29:28WireTap Our Fathers Audio
    WireTap Our Fathers Oct 23, 2004 | 29:28Goldstein talks to his dad about what it's like to have a son who never lived up to your expectations; one woman laments having had the perfect father; and Heather O'Neill on a father-daughter family of two.
    WireTap - Modern LanguageOct 9, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Modern Language Audio
    WireTap Modern Language Oct 9, 2004 | 29:30Choo! It can mean anything you want it to mean. The etymology of an unusual expression is traced through a series of phone calls. Plus, kids on big words, and irresistible catch phrases.
    WireTap - BulliesOct 2, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Bullies Audio
    WireTap Bullies Oct 2, 2004 | 29:30What happens when the bully who makes your life a living hell just one day disappears? Also, fighting your enemies with radio attack ads.
    WireTap - Let's PretendSep 25, 2004 | 27:30WireTap Let's Pretend Audio
    WireTap Let's Pretend Sep 25, 2004 | 27:30A man tells an innocuous lie to cover up his penchant for eating rabbit pellets. Next thing he knows, he's lost his job, his girlfriend, and the police are kicking in his door. Plus, charades on the radio.
    WireTap - Canadian ContentSep 18, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Canadian Content Audio
    WireTap Canadian Content Sep 18, 2004 | 29:30How a Canadian copes with a heart attack in America, and Howard's investigative report on how Canada is helping Harlem. Plus, the definitive difference between Americans and Canadians revealed.
    WireTap - What's Past Is PastSep 4, 2004 | 29:30WireTap What's Past Is Past Audio
    WireTap What's Past Is Past Sep 4, 2004 | 29:30Some memories never leave us. The end of a grade school love affair; Josh goes back to see an ex-girlfriend for some closure, and to retrieve his copy of James Taylor's Handy Man.
    WireTap - The WatcherAug 28, 2004 | 22:28WireTap The Watcher Audio
    WireTap The Watcher Aug 28, 2004 | 22:28What's the allure of watching a stranger's life? What is the power that a watcher holds over us? The dissolution of a young couple's relationship as heard through a radiator.
    WireTap - Messiah '83Aug 21, 2004 | 22:30WireTap Messiah '83 Audio
    WireTap Messiah '83 Aug 21, 2004 | 22:30A young man. A father. A rabbi who might have been sent to earth to redeem mankind. A small wood hut packed with a hundred dancing men. And plenty of booze.
    WireTap - Broken TelephoneAug 14, 2004 | 22:30WireTap Broken Telephone Audio
    WireTap Broken Telephone Aug 14, 2004 | 22:30Will a lost TV remote ever be found? Can you successfully fake the sound of call waiting? Will our hero ever get to see Yentl? This has been described as the funniest WireTap ever.
    WireTap - The First Thing that Comes to MindAug 7, 2004 | 27:30WireTap The First Thing that Comes to Mind Audio
    WireTap The First Thing that Comes to Mind Aug 7, 2004 | 27:30You can't stop yourself. It just comes out. A college entrance interview gone horribly wrong, meeting Dylan Thomas and word association with rap phenomenon, the notorious Hum V.
    WireTap - DiariesJul 31, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Diaries Audio
    WireTap Diaries Jul 31, 2004 | 29:30Sisters Lisa and Sue Gabriel were teenagers sharing a bedroom. They kept detailed diaries about their fears, crushes and each other. For the first time, they break the lock on their old diaries and confide their secrets.
    WireTap - ObsessionsJul 24, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Obsessions Audio
    WireTap Obsessions Jul 24, 2004 | 29:30How many decades can you spend every day thinking about someone you only went out with ten times? What if you can't stop talking to your cat? And, a man who desperately wants to be obsessed.
    WireTap - Tell It Like It IsJul 17, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Tell It Like It Is Audio
    WireTap Tell It Like It Is Jul 17, 2004 | 29:30When the truth is hard to take, Jonathan Goldstein tries to learn "Verbal Judo" in self-defense. And, what do you do when you find out the awful truth about a friend's therapist?

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