WireTap | Feb 19, 2005 | 27:30

How I Became So Hostile

Goldstein's friend Evan berates him for being hostile, prompting him to go way back in order trace the roots of his hostility toward the world.

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WireTap - How I Became So HostileFeb 19, 2005 | 27:30WireTap How I Became So Hostile Audio
WireTap How I Became So Hostile Feb 19, 2005 | 27:30Goldstein's friend Evan berates him for being hostile, prompting him to go way back in order trace the roots of his hostility toward the world.
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WireTap Prized Possessions May 7, 2005 | 27:30What's your prized possession? For Josh it's Fluffles the Magnificent, AKA, Death Ray. Goldstein retells the story of Joseph's coat of many colours, plus the tale of a coveted white leather jacket.
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WireTap Movin' On Mar 12, 2005 | 29:30James wants to make a fresh start by moving out of his miserable basement apartment. It turns out, though, that it's the move from hell. Also, Goldstein tries internet dating, with surprising results.
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WireTap On the Beach Dec 18, 2004 | 27:30WireTap goes to the beach... Stories of love and loss, and a lonely tattooed lady on Christmas Day.
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WireTap It's Over Jul 3, 2004 | 27:28The heartbreak of breaking up and the delicate hope of new beginnings. Jonathan breaks the record for being broken up with: five times in one half hour. How can you not listen in?
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WireTap The Call-in Show Feb 12, 2005 | 27:31A clingy boyfriend, an out-of-work security guard with a penchant for playing the market, a worried mother and a girl with no nose. People in the strangest predicaments call Goldstein for advice.
WireTap - Canadian ContentSep 18, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Canadian Content Audio
WireTap Canadian Content Sep 18, 2004 | 29:30How a Canadian copes with a heart attack in America, and Howard's investigative report on how Canada is helping Harlem. Plus, the definitive difference between Americans and Canadians revealed.
WireTap - Generation GapNov 20, 2004 | 29:30WireTap Generation Gap Audio
WireTap Generation Gap Nov 20, 2004 | 29:30A 13-year-old falls in love with a woman old enough to be his grandmother; and an adult reveals her deep dislike for her friend's five-year-old.
WireTap - Positive ThinkingJul 10, 2004 | 27:30WireTap Positive Thinking Audio
WireTap Positive Thinking Jul 10, 2004 | 27:30What's the downside of looking on the bright side? In an effort to transcend what some may describe as a melancholic disposition, Jonathan Goldstein consults a creative visualization instructor.
WireTap - The First Thing that Comes to MindAug 7, 2004 | 27:30WireTap The First Thing that Comes to Mind Audio
WireTap The First Thing that Comes to Mind Aug 7, 2004 | 27:30You can't stop yourself. It just comes out. A college entrance interview gone horribly wrong, meeting Dylan Thomas and word association with rap phenomenon, the notorious Hum V.
WireTap - Let's PretendSep 25, 2004 | 27:30WireTap Let's Pretend Audio
WireTap Let's Pretend Sep 25, 2004 | 27:30A man tells an innocuous lie to cover up his penchant for eating rabbit pellets. Next thing he knows, he's lost his job, his girlfriend, and the police are kicking in his door. Plus, charades on the radio.
WireTap - There's No BusinessNov 27, 2004 | 29:30WireTap There's No Business Audio
WireTap There's No Business Nov 27, 2004 | 29:30Goldstein tracks down the great Frankie Reynolds, a comedian who left show business in 1974 and has never been heard from since. Plus, how to cry on cue.

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