WireTap | Jan 26, 2013 | 24:43

Family Gathering

A young man discovers a long kept family secret, comedian Chris Garcia shares the ups and downs of his father's dementia, and Josh prepares for his least favourite day of the year: the family reunion. Plus, a train conductor makes the best of 'Take Your Daughter To Work Day'.

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WireTap - Smoke and MirrorsNov 21, 2014 | 26:30WireTap Smoke and Mirrors Audio
WireTap Smoke and Mirrors Nov 21, 2014 | 26:30A portrait of Benjamin Conkling, the avant-garde film director who tricked his way into a movie career. Plus, a young girl deceives her friend about a dead snail and Fred Stoller on the false promise of show business.
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WireTap Helpline Web Extra Mar 7, 2014 | 31:00Conflict-resolution expert Misha Glouberman joins Jonathan in studio to answer listener calls. Featuring bonus material not included in the original broadcast.
WireTap - Why We MistakesMay 3, 2009 | 26:29WireTap Why We Mistakes Audio
WireTap Why We Mistakes May 3, 2009 | 26:29Howard is the subject of a young graduate student's thesis paper but the focus of the study turns out to be less flattering than he imagines.
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WireTap The Deciders May 17, 2009 | 26:29This week on WireTap author Jonah Lehrer discusses his book "How We Decide". Howard offers Jonathan some decision making advice with his very own version of the I Ching.
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WireTap The Armchair Guide to Survival Apr 5, 2009 | 26:29Howard heads off to survival camp to learn how to survive in the wild. Plus Josh becomes addicted to Twitter and David Borgenicht discusses his Worst-case Scenario Handbook series.
WireTap - David and GoliathJan 13, 2008 | 26:29WireTap David and Goliath Audio
WireTap David and Goliath Jan 13, 2008 | 26:29What goes through the mind of a tiny young shepherd about to go into battle with a Philistine giant? Jonathan retells the tale of David and Goliath live on stage from Vancouver's Studio One.
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WireTap Splendours of the Small Screen May 24, 2009 | 26:29This week on WireTap Josh gets a new job as personal assistant to Randy Dandy, child television star. Plus a YouTube celebrity calls Jonathan for advice on how to deal with life in the limelight.
WireTap - Treat Me RightMar 11, 2007 | 26:28WireTap Treat Me Right Audio
WireTap Treat Me Right Mar 11, 2007 | 26:28Howard plays the role of a well-meaning shrink as he councils Josh to leave his hot tempered ways behind. Plus, Gregor throws Jonathan into television pitch meeting which might not be quite what he bargained for. Finally, taking some advice from his own therapist, Jonathan calls up friendly cousin Freddy to help boost his self-esteem.
WireTap - Fishin' for GloryMar 22, 2009 | 26:29WireTap Fishin' for Glory Audio
WireTap Fishin' for Glory Mar 22, 2009 | 26:29Jonathan leaves the safety of the studio for a fishing trip with Howard. Plus, world-record holder Mark Lamster breaks his own record in the field of complaining.
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WireTap How To Be A Grownup Apr 19, 2009 | 26:29Jonathan teaches Howard how to drive. Plus Jonathan gets a frantic call from his nephew Zak seeking advice on life after high school.
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WireTap How to Build a Bomb Shelter Feb 22, 2009 | 26:30Experience entertainment you needn't leave the house for as Howard decides he wants to become a shut-in. Plus, Daily Show writer Rob Kutner discusses his recent book, Apocalypse How.
WireTap - Career OpportunitiesMar 19, 2006 | 27:30WireTap Career Opportunities Audio
WireTap Career Opportunities Mar 19, 2006 | 27:30A career counselor advises Jonathan to stick with the job he has, since he shows no promise in an attempt to make headway in the field of fashion.

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