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    The Bugle And The Passing Bell | Jul 17, 2014

    In WW1 there were very few quick advances or dashing cavalry charges; the machine gun and barbed wire slowed everything down and combat often became an eerie and deadly cat and mouse game fought in a maze of trenches.

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    Head To Toe | Jul 22, 2014

    Too old, too young, or just right? From a man-boy in board shorts, to loving yourself in lingerie - what does it really mean to dress your age? (July 22, 2014)

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    Rewind | Jul 24, 2014

    Rewind takes a look at the dear-departed penny. Goodbye to the sweaty, metallic smell of the smallest of coins.Goodbye to a pocket full of change messing up the lines of our fancy pants. Goodbye to a coin with which you could buy nothing.

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    Calgary Eyeopener | Jul 23, 2014

    Ryan Holy, business development manager at Altaeros Energies, tells us about his company's flying wind turbine.

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    Live Through This | Jul 21, 2014

    What happens when you’re just along for the ride and something else, someone else, changes the course of your life forever? On this episode of Live Through This, two stories about people confronting the calamity that has changed and defined their lives.

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    Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids | Jul 23, 2014

    Science fairs, snobby cousins, and training bras. Recorded live at The Company House in Halifax, NS.

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WireTap - The Sweetness of YouthJul 19, 2014 | 25:36WireTap The Sweetness of Youth Audio
WireTap The Sweetness of Youth Jul 19, 2014 | 25:36When the neighbourhood kids start reporting missing tooth fairy money, there's only one unemployed detective desperate enough to take the job. Comedian Rob Corddry stars as the hapless private eye enlisted to crack the case.
WireTap - Golden Calves and Sacred CowsJul 12, 2014 | 25:52WireTap Golden Calves and Sacred Cows Audio
WireTap Golden Calves and Sacred Cows Jul 12, 2014 | 25:52What happens when you leave your people for 40 days to go talk with God on a mountaintop? Your people get all hopped up on idol-worship. Jonathan tells the story of Gomer, the last Golden Calf salesman. Plus, Gregor takes down sacred cows.
WireTap - It's All Been DoneJul 5, 2014 | 26:29WireTap It's All Been Done Audio
WireTap It's All Been Done Jul 5, 2014 | 26:29We speak with an expert on déjà vu about the possibility that we've all been through this before. Plus, Howard boasts of a new creation only to realize it's already been invented, and a couple who has been through pretty much everything together.
WireTap - The Fox and the HedgehogJun 28, 2014 | 26:29WireTap The Fox and the Hedgehog Audio
WireTap The Fox and the Hedgehog Jun 28, 2014 | 26:29According to philosopher Archilochus, people are either foxes or hedgehogs. Starlee explains why Jonathan is a classic hedgehog. Plus, Jonathan speaks with a discount medium who specializes in channeling b-list historical figures.
WireTap - I Can't Hear You, Eileen: The Best of Season 10May 23, 2014 | 26:29WireTap I Can't Hear You, Eileen: The Best of Season 10 Audio
WireTap I Can't Hear You, Eileen: The Best of Season 10 May 23, 2014 | 26:29Highlights from the past season. A series of furtive glances on the subway spark an unspoken love affair, a GPS that navigates emotional loss, and Jon's parents contemplate how they'd spend the final minute of the universe.
WireTap - How can I hear more WireTap episodes online?Feb 11, 2011 | 0:26WireTap How can I hear more WireTap episodes online? Audio
WireTap How can I hear more WireTap episodes online? Feb 11, 2011 | 0:26Jonathan explains how you can get all WireTap shows for free, just by subscribing to the podcast. You can also come to the website each week for the latest free on-demand episodes. Episodes more than two weeks old move to iTunes for purchase.

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