Spark | May 10, 2013 | 9:44

Estrangement Online (May 2013 Encore)

Becca Bland is estranged from her parents and has written about her experience to help people better understand the impact of social media on family relationships.

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Spark - The future of musicSep 28, 2014 | 11:28Spark The future of music Audio
Spark The future of music Sep 28, 2014 | 11:28U2's deal with Apple is raising questions about what's ahead for the music business. Rolling Stone's Contributing Editor Steve Knopper shares his thoughts on the recent history and future of the recording industry.
Spark - Cassette comebackSep 28, 2014 | 10:39Spark Cassette comeback Audio
Spark Cassette comeback Sep 28, 2014 | 10:39In honour of Cassette Store Day, Michelle Parise talks to Nora about why some people still love the lowly ol' cassette tape.
Spark - Hacking maternal healthSep 28, 2014 | 10:21Spark Hacking maternal health Audio
Spark Hacking maternal health Sep 28, 2014 | 10:21MIT just hosted a hackathon with the goal of building a better breast pump. Catherine D'Ignazio is with MIT's Media Lab and she says the breast pump is just one example of how a lack of innovation can be harmful to maternal and neonatal health.
Spark - Knowledge basesSep 28, 2014 | 8:03Spark Knowledge bases Audio
Spark Knowledge bases Sep 28, 2014 | 8:03Where databases gather numbers, knowledge bases gather facts. Fabian Suchanek says these knowledge bases will revolutionize the way we search for information.
Spark - Sensing depressionSep 28, 2014 | 8:44Spark Sensing depression Audio
Spark Sensing depression Sep 28, 2014 | 8:44Can your smartphone tell if you're feeling down? Andrew Campbell tells us about a project that uses smartphone data to detect depression, loneliness and stress among students.
Spark - Mindful MultitaskingSep 21, 2014 | 10:01Spark Mindful Multitasking Audio
Spark Mindful Multitasking Sep 21, 2014 | 10:01Can contemplative practices like mindfulness meditation can help us manage our busy, multitasking lives? David M. Levy, a professor at the Information School at the University of Washington and a long-time mediator, thinks so.
Spark - Book TracesSep 21, 2014 | 9:42Spark Book Traces Audio
Spark Book Traces Sep 21, 2014 | 9:42Andrew Stauffer is the lead on Book Traces -- a crowd-sourced web project to find drawings, marginalia, photos and anything else in copies of 19th and early 20th century books.
Spark - Algorithm awarenessSep 21, 2014 | 9:23Spark Algorithm awareness Audio
Spark Algorithm awareness Sep 21, 2014 | 9:23Christian Sandvig says algorithms control almost every aspect of our lives, but most people have no idea how algorithms work.
Spark - Twitter algorithmsSep 21, 2014 | 8:48Spark Twitter algorithms Audio
Spark Twitter algorithms Sep 21, 2014 | 8:48In her essay "Why Twitter Should Not Algorithmically Curate the Timeline", Zeynep Tufekci worries that Twitter will take power away from users if it adopts a Facebook-style algorithm.
Spark - Data SafariSep 21, 2014 | 8:15Spark Data Safari Audio
Spark Data Safari Sep 21, 2014 | 8:15Teddy Allen is one of the meteorologists working to rescue historical weather records which could offer valuable insights on climate change.
Spark - Notification vacationSep 14, 2014 | 11:37Spark Notification vacation Audio
Spark Notification vacation Sep 14, 2014 | 11:37The smartphone brings the world to our pockets, but can also bring an obsession with receiving and responding to notifications. Dr. Larry Rosen says the relentless barrage of notifications can have adverse effects on our mental and physical health.
Spark - Procrastination and remindersSep 14, 2014 | 9:04Spark Procrastination and reminders Audio
Spark Procrastination and reminders Sep 14, 2014 | 9:04You may believe that digital reminders help you to remember to do things. Not so fast! Behavioural economist Keith Marzilli Ericson says that while reminders help you to remember a task, they may make it easier to procrastinate.
Spark - Digital sabbaticalSep 14, 2014 | 11:40Spark Digital sabbatical Audio
Spark Digital sabbatical Sep 14, 2014 | 11:40Journalist David Roberts grew so compulsive in his use of digital technology that he was staying online until 2:00 or 3:00 am. He hit Twitter's daily tweet limit. So he took a leave of absence and went (mostly) offline for a full year.
Spark - The End of AbsenceSep 14, 2014 | 14:21Spark The End of Absence Audio
Spark The End of Absence Sep 14, 2014 | 14:21Have we lost the value of absence by being constantly connected? In his new book The End of Absence, Michael Harris explores the downside of constant connectivity - the ability to embrace solitude, to daydream, and just enjoy the reverie.
Spark - The Organized MindSep 7, 2014 | 12:20Spark The Organized Mind Audio
Spark The Organized Mind Sep 7, 2014 | 12:20Neuroscience has a lot to tell us about the brain and our capacity for attention. Daniel Levitin, in his new book The Organized Mind, uses that research for practical tips on being organized.

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