Rewind | Jan 10, 2013 | 54:59

1998 Ice Storm of Eastern Canada

A look back 15 years at the great ice storm of Eastern Canada. Power lines came down, electricity sputtered for millions and a thick coating of ice covered everything.

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Rewind - The Modern Woman, circa 1962Mar 6, 2014 | 54:59Rewind The Modern Woman, circa 1962 Audio
Rewind The Modern Woman, circa 1962 Mar 6, 2014 | 54:59To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we look at what it means to be a woman in our society today. Rewind presents a documentary from 1962 that explores this issue.
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Rewind Space Predictions with Bob McDonald Apr 24, 2013 | 52:29On this episode of Rewind, guest host Jeff Goodes looks at space predictions through the ages with the help of Bob McDonald, host of Quirks and Quarks. We've dug deep into the archives to find predictions about space travel from the 40's through the 80's.
Rewind - Dead Dog Cafe Comedy HourMar 28, 2013 | 54:59Rewind Dead Dog Cafe Comedy Hour Audio
Rewind Dead Dog Cafe Comedy Hour Mar 28, 2013 | 54:59The Dead Dog Café Comedy Hour. Its biting satire and irreverent tone made Tom King, Jasper Friendly Bear and Grace Heavy Hand stars. It demonstrated to all Canadians that aboriginal people have a wicked sense of humour.
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Rewind Lister Sinclair's New Year Jan 2, 2014 | 54:59New Year’s music and resolutions from long time CBC Radio host Lister Sinclair. Whether it’s dieting and exercise, stopping smoking and drinking or loftier ideals like being a better person all round- chances are someone has resolved to do it.
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Rewind Buffy-Sainte-Marie retrospective Jun 21, 2012 | 54:59In honour of National Aboriginal Day, June 21st, an hour with and about the great Canadian First Nations singer Buffy Sainte-Marie. She's been in the business for 50 years- and still has a lot to say. You'll hear both new and vintage interviews as well as music drawn from her many albums. It's called "Still This Love Goes On: The Songs of Buffy Sainte-Marie."
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Rewind Monty Python retrospective Nov 4, 2010 | 54:59Today on Rewind, a look at Monty Python, one of the most influential comedy troupes of the twentieth century. The show features interviews with two of the key members of Monty Python, John Cleese and Michael Palin, originally broadcast on CBC Radio's Gabereau show.
Rewind - An interview with Malcom X and Austin Clarke from 1963 (Part 2)Feb 6, 2014 | 39:50Rewind An interview with Malcom X and Austin Clarke from 1963 (Part 2) Audio
Rewind An interview with Malcom X and Austin Clarke from 1963 (Part 2) Feb 6, 2014 | 39:50The second part of an explosive and incendiary interview from 1963 between Canadian writer Austin Clarke and black activist leader Malcolm X. It’s a fascinating record of a man and a time.
Rewind - The Happy Gang retrospectiveDec 27, 2012 | 54:59Rewind The Happy Gang retrospective Audio
Rewind The Happy Gang retrospective Dec 27, 2012 | 54:59The Happy Gang- one of the most popular of the arts and entertainment programs of the 1940s and 50s on CBC Radio.
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Rewind The Story of Albert Johnson: the Mad Trapper Nov 25, 2010 | 54:59The story of the Mad Trapper of the Northwest Territories- Albert Johnson- told by the RCMP officers who captured him. It’s a tale that has stirred the imagination of Canadians for 80 years.
Rewind - Christmas Debates (December 2010 Encore)Dec 12, 2013 | 54:59Rewind Christmas Debates (December 2010 Encore) Audio
Rewind Christmas Debates (December 2010 Encore) Dec 12, 2013 | 54:59If it's getting near Christmas, it must also be the season for asking ourselves the question: Has Christmas lost its meaning? Well guess what, that question is almost as old as the season itself. Rewind re-airs a debate from 1968 where high school student
Rewind - Surviving Boxing DayDec 26, 2013 | 54:59Rewind Surviving Boxing Day Audio
Rewind Surviving Boxing Day Dec 26, 2013 | 54:59It's leftover turkey and discarded wrapping paper, but also hear a report from 1956 on Elvis Presley and the plight of Hungarian refugees after the failed revolution of 1956. And from 1973 the birth of a second Christmas Trudeau baby.
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Rewind Revolt in Harlem Part One Jan 30, 2014 | 54:591963 was a time of great change in the United States. CBC Radio commissioned a young writer called Austin Clarke to make a documentary about Harlem to find out what conditions were like for the African-Americans who lived there.
Rewind - Remembering the DumbellsJan 26, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Remembering the Dumbells Audio
Rewind Remembering the Dumbells Jan 26, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind The Dumbells. They were the most popular group of entertainers in Canada during the First World War.
Rewind - Christmas with Martin Luther King Jr., and "Fireside Al"Dec 20, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Christmas with Martin Luther King Jr., and "Fireside Al" Audio
Rewind Christmas with Martin Luther King Jr., and "Fireside Al" Dec 20, 2012 | 54:59A Christmas lecture about non-violence from Martin Luther King Jr. It first aired in 1967, just months before King was assassinated. Also, some Christmas stories from "Fireside Al."
Rewind - Sound Portrait of 1959Dec 16, 2010 | 54:59Rewind Sound Portrait of 1959 Audio
Rewind Sound Portrait of 1959 Dec 16, 2010 | 54:59A sound portrait of the year 1959.

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