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CBC celebrates 75 years of Arts and Entertainment (Clip 12)

Between 1967 and 1973 Robert Fulford hosted a weekly late-night arts and culture show. His wife and the show's first producer, Geraldine Sherman, created the half-hour program called This is Robert Fulford. The piece we have for you now is from 1970 and was a retrospective a year later of Woodstock and the documentary film that was made about it.

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Rewind CBC celebrates 75 years of CBC Personalities (Clip 6) Sep 8, 2011 | 7:26Allan McFee spent more than 52 years at CBC Radio, starting in 1937, when he joined the announce staff. Allan McFee was charming and entertaining, irreverent and ornery. Allan had a reputation early on as a rebel at CBC, clashing with producers and bureaucrats who tried in vain to make him toe the line. There are many Allan McFee stories- for instance, he always carried a special pen so he could scribble “POOP” across memos from CBC managers...there was the time he set fire to a memo he didn’t like that was posted on a bulletin board. The time he dotted the studio ceiling with asparagus tips he'd thrown in the air. And for almost a year he delivered the weather forecast for Dribble Lake, Ontario. Except that there was no Dribble Lake, Ontario. Besides general announce duties, Allan hosted Eclectic Circus. It was full of music, stories and a lot of the McFee brand of whimsy.

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