Rewind | Aug 25, 2011 | 54:59

    CBC celebrates 75 years of Canadian Celebrations

    The first of twelve special programs that celebrate the 75th birthday of the CBC, which was last fall. Michael Enright is joined by Carol Off, host of As it Happens, as they look at- what else? Celebrations.

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    Rewind - Buffy-Sainte-Marie retrospectiveJun 21, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Buffy-Sainte-Marie retrospective Audio
    Rewind Buffy-Sainte-Marie retrospective Jun 21, 2012 | 54:59In honour of National Aboriginal Day, June 21st, an hour with and about the great Canadian First Nations singer Buffy Sainte-Marie. She's been in the business for 50 years- and still has a lot to say. You'll hear both new and vintage interviews as well as music drawn from her many albums. It's called "Still This Love Goes On: The Songs of Buffy Sainte-Marie."
    Rewind - Lost Arts (Part 2)Jun 7, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Lost Arts (Part 2) Audio
    Rewind Lost Arts (Part 2) Jun 7, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind, more lost arts. Last time we dipped into some items from the program Morningside with Peter Gzowski. In 1991 they decided to revive some activities once considered to be part of everyday life but now seen as archaic. They included tying a bowtie, splitting wood and darning a sock. Well, today we have more- ironing a shirt, taking a Sunday drive, and milking a cow.
    Rewind - Lost Arts (Part 1)May 31, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Lost Arts (Part 1) Audio
    Rewind Lost Arts (Part 1) May 31, 2012 | 54:59On Rewind today segments from a series that first aired in 1991 on Morningside, about lost arts. Skills like writing a letter, darning a sock, taking a Sunday drive and learning how to waltz. Peter Gzowski and the crew at Morningside decided that Canadians needed a refresher on these skills that may have been lost, but could possibly be revived. So they embarked on a quest to not only teach listeners how to do these things, but tell them why they should.
    Rewind - Neil Young: Music LegendMay 24, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Neil Young: Music Legend Audio
    Rewind Neil Young: Music Legend May 24, 2012 | 54:59Today, we celebrate one of Canada’s greatest singer/songwriters. He’s a man who’s received multiple Juno and Grammy awards as well as the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award. He’s an officer of the Order of Canada; he’s been nominated for an academy award, and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame – twice. He’s released more than 30 albums, he’s been touring for over 40 years and reminds us that it’s better to burn out than to fade away because rust never sleeps.He’s Neil Young.
    Rewind - Expo 67 sound portrait from ExpoditionMay 10, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Expo 67 sound portrait from Expodition Audio
    Rewind Expo 67 sound portrait from Expodition May 10, 2012 | 54:59Today it's a trip back to 1967 when Canada was celebrating our Centennial at Expo 67, the world's fair in Montreal. Every day the fair was on, CBC Radio aired a special program called Expodition.
    Rewind - Pros and Cons of CanConApr 26, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Pros and Cons of CanCon Audio
    Rewind Pros and Cons of CanCon Apr 26, 2012 | 54:59More than 40 years after the CRTC introduced Canadian content rules, Rewind looks back at the arguments for and against them.
    Rewind - The Bricklin and its Inventor: Malcolm BricklinApr 19, 2012 | 54:59Rewind The Bricklin and its Inventor: Malcolm Bricklin Audio
    Rewind The Bricklin and its Inventor: Malcolm Bricklin Apr 19, 2012 | 54:59On today’s show, all about a man, his car, and twenty-three million dollars. It’s the story of Malcolm Bricklin and the sports car he dreamed up.
    Rewind - This Country in the Morning with Michael EnrightApr 12, 2012 | 54:59Rewind This Country in the Morning with Michael Enright Audio
    Rewind This Country in the Morning with Michael Enright Apr 12, 2012 | 54:59On Rewind, two interviews from Michael Enright's first job as host for CBC Radio- the program This Country in the Morning. First, the comedians Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and then the president of McDonalds's Canada- George Cohon.
    Rewind - Stuart MacLean: The "Morningside" YearsApr 5, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Stuart MacLean: The "Morningside" Years Audio
    Rewind Stuart MacLean: The "Morningside" Years Apr 5, 2012 | 54:59Stuart MacLean on Morningside- the early days of one of Canada's great story-tellers. In 1984, a young journalist named Stuart McLean was hired on as a columnist for CBC Radio's weekly morning program Morningside with Peter Gzowski. His job was to bring extraordinary stories of everyday Canadian life. It was tailor-made for his unconventional reporting style. It was also a goal he'd been pursuing for over a decade. Rewind presents three of his finest.
    Rewind - Juno Award Winners retrospectiveMar 22, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Juno Award Winners retrospective Audio
    Rewind Juno Award Winners retrospective Mar 22, 2012 | 54:59In 1970, Pierre Juneau said that "Canadian broadcasting should be Canadian." At the time, he was the head of the CRTC- the Canadian Radio/Television Commission, and he was behind the implementation of new rules for Canadian content on radio and television. This helped spark a made- in- Canada music industry. Today, in honour of Pierre Juneau- who died in February- and the upcoming Juno awards which were named for him, we salute just a few of the many Canadian musicians who have made us proud.
    Rewind - History of Women's Rights in CanadaMar 8, 2012 | 54:59Rewind History of Women's Rights in Canada Audio
    Rewind History of Women's Rights in Canada Mar 8, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind we celebrate International Women’s Day- March 8. We’ll give you a taste of the role of women in Canadian society as it was, and then later in the hour hear about the groundbreaking Royal Commission on the Status of Women from the late 1960s.
    Rewind - Sound Portrait of 1948Feb 23, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Sound Portrait of 1948 Audio
    Rewind Sound Portrait of 1948 Feb 23, 2012 | 54:59Today it's a trip back to 1948 on CBC Radio. We'll go through a weekend's worth of programming to give you a flavour of what a CBC Radio listener might have heard back then.
    Rewind - The Great Canadian Flag DebateFeb 9, 2012 | 54:59Rewind The Great Canadian Flag Debate Audio
    Rewind The Great Canadian Flag Debate Feb 9, 2012 | 54:59A look back at the great flag debate of 1964. The flag that is recognized around the world with its red bars and stylized maple leaf on a white background is about as Canadian as you can get- right up there with maple syrup, lumberjacks and the Rockies. But it had a rather rocky inception and birth.
    Rewind - Remembering CBC's Allan McFeeFeb 2, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Remembering CBC's Allan McFee Audio
    Rewind Remembering CBC's Allan McFee Feb 2, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind we take a loving look at Allan McFee- a true original and one of the characters of CBC Radio who made his mark with listeners for more than 52 years. He began his career with the CBC in 1937 and – except for a three-year stint in the army during the Second World War – stayed right here until he retired in 1991.
    Rewind - Remembering the DumbellsJan 26, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Remembering the Dumbells Audio
    Rewind Remembering the Dumbells Jan 26, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind The Dumbells. They were the most popular group of entertainers in Canada during the First World War.

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