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Rewind - The Happy Gang retrospectiveDec 27, 2012 | 54:59Rewind The Happy Gang retrospective Audio
Rewind The Happy Gang retrospective Dec 27, 2012 | 54:59The Happy Gang- one of the most popular of the arts and entertainment programs of the 1940s and 50s on CBC Radio.
Rewind - K.D. Lang retrospectiveNov 1, 2012 | 54:59Rewind K.D. Lang retrospective Audio
Rewind K.D. Lang retrospective Nov 1, 2012 | 54:59An hour featuring interviews with and music by the singer k.d. lang.
Rewind - Margaret Visser retrospectiveDec 13, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Margaret Visser retrospective Audio
Rewind Margaret Visser retrospective Dec 13, 2012 | 54:59An hour of the social anthropologist Margaret Visser. She tells fascinating stories about the every day, everything from tea to hair, and dining to bathing. Rewind presents some of her most fascinating pieces.
Rewind - Lost Arts (Part 2)Jun 7, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Lost Arts (Part 2) Audio
Rewind Lost Arts (Part 2) Jun 7, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind, more lost arts. Last time we dipped into some items from the program Morningside with Peter Gzowski. In 1991 they decided to revive some activities once considered to be part of everyday life but now seen as archaic. They included tying a bowtie, splitting wood and darning a sock. Well, today we have more- ironing a shirt, taking a Sunday drive, and milking a cow.
Rewind - Inaugural 1945 Canada Calling broadcastSep 27, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Inaugural 1945 Canada Calling broadcast Audio
Rewind Inaugural 1945 Canada Calling broadcast Sep 27, 2012 | 54:59Canada Calling, a program that first aired in 1945. In this, the inaugural broadcast, soldiers overseas for the Second World War heard a variety program that gave them a taste of home.
Rewind - The 1972 American ElectionOct 18, 2012 | 54:59Rewind The 1972 American Election Audio
Rewind The 1972 American Election Oct 18, 2012 | 54:59A look back at the 1972 Presidential Election. Senator George McGovern battled incumbent Richard Nixon for the Presidential Office. It was the election that is now famous for the Watergate affair. Rewind will bring you sounds, ideas and interviews of that historic event.
Rewind - History of Asbestos in CanadaNov 8, 2012 | 54:59Rewind History of Asbestos in Canada Audio
Rewind History of Asbestos in Canada Nov 8, 2012 | 54:59An hour about asbestos, the substance that was once one of Canada’s major resources until it was found to be dangerous to the people who pulled it out of the earth and processed it.
Rewind - Gordon Lightfoot retrospectiveDec 6, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Gordon Lightfoot retrospective Audio
Rewind Gordon Lightfoot retrospective Dec 6, 2012 | 54:59Gordon Lightfoot has been called Canada’s Folk Laureate. His melodic and soulful voice is unmistakable. He’s a modern-day troubadour with his evocative portraits of Canadian life and landscape. Rewind presents an hour of the words and music of Gordon Lightfoot.
Rewind - James Hoffa vs. Robert KennedyJan 19, 2012 | 54:59Rewind James Hoffa vs. Robert Kennedy Audio
Rewind James Hoffa vs. Robert Kennedy Jan 19, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind a remarkable historical piece that features two American icons who clashed over issues of corruption and misappropriation of funds in the 1950s and 60s. They are Robert Kennedy- former Attorney General of the United States, but at the time Chief Investigator of the Rackets Committee for the United States Senate, and James Hoffa- head of the Teamsters Union. Kennedy was convinced that Hoffa worked with mobsters, extorted money from employers, and raided Teamster pension funds.
Rewind - Remembering the DumbellsJan 26, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Remembering the Dumbells Audio
Rewind Remembering the Dumbells Jan 26, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind The Dumbells. They were the most popular group of entertainers in Canada during the First World War.
Rewind - Remembering CBC's Allan McFeeFeb 2, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Remembering CBC's Allan McFee Audio
Rewind Remembering CBC's Allan McFee Feb 2, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind we take a loving look at Allan McFee- a true original and one of the characters of CBC Radio who made his mark with listeners for more than 52 years. He began his career with the CBC in 1937 and – except for a three-year stint in the army during the Second World War – stayed right here until he retired in 1991.
Rewind - The Great Canadian Flag DebateFeb 9, 2012 | 54:59Rewind The Great Canadian Flag Debate Audio
Rewind The Great Canadian Flag Debate Feb 9, 2012 | 54:59A look back at the great flag debate of 1964. The flag that is recognized around the world with its red bars and stylized maple leaf on a white background is about as Canadian as you can get- right up there with maple syrup, lumberjacks and the Rockies. But it had a rather rocky inception and birth.
Rewind - History of Food on CBC Radio (May 2010 Encore)May 13, 2010 | 54:59Rewind History of Food on CBC Radio (May 2010 Encore) Audio
Rewind History of Food on CBC Radio (May 2010 Encore) May 13, 2010 | 54:59Coming up on Rewind- all about food. Fondue, pizza pie and whipped cream in a can were all new to Canadians not all that long ago- and CBC was right there to introduce them.
Rewind - Sound Portrait of 1948Feb 23, 2012 | 54:59Rewind Sound Portrait of 1948 Audio
Rewind Sound Portrait of 1948 Feb 23, 2012 | 54:59Today it's a trip back to 1948 on CBC Radio. We'll go through a weekend's worth of programming to give you a flavour of what a CBC Radio listener might have heard back then.
Rewind - History of Women's Rights in CanadaMar 8, 2012 | 54:59Rewind History of Women's Rights in Canada Audio
Rewind History of Women's Rights in Canada Mar 8, 2012 | 54:59Today on Rewind we celebrate International Women’s Day- March 8. We’ll give you a taste of the role of women in Canadian society as it was, and then later in the hour hear about the groundbreaking Royal Commission on the Status of Women from the late 1960s.

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