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    How To Do It | Jul 7, 2014

    This week we look at the art of insinuating yourself where you don't belong including stories of a woman who wins a contest for a bunk recipe, a writer who infiltrates a summer camp for the world's elite, and how to be a casual imposter in your own life.

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    Head To Toe | Jul 8, 2014

    From construction gear to business suits to jeans and t-shirts: we've all got a uniform we put on to go to work. But is your uniform really working for you? (July 8, 2014)

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    The Current | Jun 22, 2014

    Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery or striking gold? Meet Canadians who have experienced a windfall and managed it in very different ways.

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    Writers and Company | Jul 6, 2014

    English journalist and novelist John Lanchester's book, "Capital", is a wonderfully Dickensian take on the 2008 financial crisis.

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    What A Waste | Jul 7, 2014

    Nuclear power is sometimes called the cleanest way to generate energy, but spent fuel cells are radioactive and dangerous for millions of years. Host Torah Kachur talks to scientists who are developing more efficient reactors and safer storage methods.

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    Newshounds | Jul 4, 2014

    This week on Newshounds three new contestants, a blogger, a rugby coach and a grocery store cashier battle it out to see who knows the most about the headlines. It's been a busy week and there is no shortage of topics that are up for discussion.

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Global Perspectives - The Too Hard BasketJul 21, 2011 | 27:29Global Perspectives The Too Hard Basket Audio
Global Perspectives The Too Hard Basket Jul 21, 2011 | 27:29Physically disabled people are rarely touched in a loving way or thought of as sexually beings. Yet they have the same need for a sexual life as everyone else. John Blades, who has a major disability himself, talks to sex workers about why they work with disabled clients and the importance of touch to every human being. Note: mature subject matter.
Global Perspectives - The Ancestors are CallingJul 14, 2011 | 27:29Global Perspectives The Ancestors are Calling Audio
Global Perspectives The Ancestors are Calling Jul 14, 2011 | 27:29Lesego Mangwanyane's great grandfather was a traditional healer but her grandmother and mother didn't want to take it on. Lesego is starting to have premonitions that the ancestral finger is pointing at her. But she doesn't want to be sucked into that world of ancestral spirits and herbal medicines. She just wants to get on with her life as a young African woman in the 21st Century. Will she listen to the call of the ancestors or not?
Global Perspectives - Escape from HondurasJul 7, 2011 | 27:29Global Perspectives Escape from Honduras Audio
Global Perspectives Escape from Honduras Jul 7, 2011 | 27:29In this documentary "Who says I can't" takes on a multiple meanings. There is the defiance of Eduardo Lopez. There are the Honduran police who try to muzzle his anti-government opinions. And then there is the Canadian immigration official who denies Lopez entry into Canada as a political refugee. (CBC)
Global Perspectives - Squatters Rights?Jun 30, 2011 | 27:29Global Perspectives Squatters Rights? Audio
Global Perspectives Squatters Rights? Jun 30, 2011 | 27:29Squatters have been a well established feature of Dutch life for decades. However, in October 2010, a new anti squat law came into effect to force squatters out of Dutch cities once and for all. But the squatters are not about to let it go that easily. For them, it's a matter of principle. (Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

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