Dispatches | Nov 3, 2011 | 4:20

"Hope and denial in Japan" (Essay)

Daisann McLane is an award-winning travel writer who recently spent time in Japan, and met up with a group of people forced to flee their homes -- and their livelihoods -- after the nuclear accident and earthquake in Japan. One fisherman, still living in a spa hotel, months later, wants to go home, and is convinced he can start fishing again, mere kilometres from the Fukushima nuclear reactor.

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Dispatches - "India's Sex Workers"Mar 22, 2012 | 13:18Dispatches "India's Sex Workers" Audio
Dispatches "India's Sex Workers" Mar 22, 2012 | 13:18CBC's Priya Sankaran is in Chennai, one of India's key film production centres. She finds a cultural twist on the story of the starlet who falls on hard times.
Dispatches - "Hope and denial in Japan" (BBC correspondent Roland Buerk)Nov 3, 2011 | 0:19Dispatches "Hope and denial in Japan" (BBC correspondent Roland Buerk) Audio
Dispatches "Hope and denial in Japan" (BBC correspondent Roland Buerk) Nov 3, 2011 | 0:19This week in Japan, a politician drank a glass of water drawn from a puddle on the floor of the crippled Fukashima nuclear plant. And meanwhile, he reports, they're planting flowers around the plant for the visit of journalists next week. Never mind that the reactors are still unstable and their water's boiling at a bazillion degrees.
Dispatches - "Jonestown revisited" (November 2009 Rewind encore)Nov 24, 2011 | 3:54Dispatches "Jonestown revisited" (November 2009 Rewind encore) Audio
Dispatches "Jonestown revisited" (November 2009 Rewind encore) Nov 24, 2011 | 3:54Bronwyn Drainie reports for CBC Radio's Sunday Morning in 1978 on the Jonestown massacre. Cult leader Jim Jones presided over the deaths of more than 900 followers of the People's Temple, based in Jonestown, Guyana. The dead were most killed with cyanide, which some willingly took after poisoning their children with it first.
Dispatches - "How not to be a tourist in Italy"May 24, 2012 | 8:12Dispatches "How not to be a tourist in Italy" Audio
Dispatches "How not to be a tourist in Italy" May 24, 2012 | 8:12Yes, it's possible to get lousy food in Italy. Just ask Toni Mazzaglia. She's become a guide for those who want to make sure they eat the real thing. A feature story on the glories of authentic Italian from Nancy Greenleese.
Dispatches - "Peru's Bomberitos to the rescue" (Documentary)May 31, 2012 | 14:43Dispatches "Peru's Bomberitos to the rescue" (Documentary) Audio
Dispatches "Peru's Bomberitos to the rescue" (Documentary) May 31, 2012 | 14:43Lori Chodos rides along with a filmmaker, chasing the Bomberitos of Peru. They're kids, living practically on their own in the Andes mountains, who ride rickety carts to the site of roadside accidents and disasters.
Dispatches - "What's cooking in Egyptian politics" (Documentary)Jun 7, 2012 | 6:51Dispatches "What's cooking in Egyptian politics" (Documentary) Audio
Dispatches "What's cooking in Egyptian politics" (Documentary) Jun 7, 2012 | 6:51Egypt's revolution produced at least one bona fide media star. Ghalia Mahmoud's no-nonsense cooking show delivers family meals on a budget of four bucks. Some have suggested she run for president. Derek Stoffel drops in on Ghalia's kitchen.
Dispatches - "Al-Qaeda, close up" (Interview)Sep 29, 2011 | 13:17Dispatches "Al-Qaeda, close up" (Interview) Audio
Dispatches "Al-Qaeda, close up" (Interview) Sep 29, 2011 | 13:17Rahimullah Yusufzai is one of Pakistan's most prominent journalists. He tells Rick about the two meetings he had with Bin Laden, and the man now leading Al-Qaeda. An appraisal of what comes next.
Dispatches - Modova motto: "You don't want to know, and we ain't asking" (Essay)Sep 29, 2011 | 3:50Dispatches Modova motto: "You don't want to know, and we ain't asking" (Essay) Audio
Dispatches Modova motto: "You don't want to know, and we ain't asking" (Essay) Sep 29, 2011 | 3:50As Director of Journalism at the University of Toronto, Jeffrey Dvorkin was asked to speak to journalists in Moldova gathered from Eastern Europe. He tells us what he saw and heard.
Dispatches - September 29, 2011Sep 29, 2011 | 52:16Dispatches September 29, 2011 Audio
Dispatches September 29, 2011 Sep 29, 2011 | 52:16from Mumbai - Chisinau, Moldova - Kenya - Peshawar, Pakistan - Bangladesh
Dispatches - "Cash for Kenyans"Sep 29, 2011 | 10:37Dispatches "Cash for Kenyans" Audio
Dispatches "Cash for Kenyans" Sep 29, 2011 | 10:37Anjali Nayar visited with famine victims in Kenya who were getting cash instead of food. It's a last ditch effort to deal with the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa.
Dispatches - "Bombay bling"Sep 29, 2011 | 11:31Dispatches "Bombay bling" Audio
Dispatches "Bombay bling" Sep 29, 2011 | 11:31Wendy Champagne goes to Mumbai where a high-powered campaign is shifting buying habits in India from gold to diamonds. It's the new bling!
Dispatches - "Canada's Corruption Crackdown?"Sep 29, 2011 | 8:00Dispatches "Canada's Corruption Crackdown?" Audio
Dispatches "Canada's Corruption Crackdown?" Sep 29, 2011 | 8:00James Klotz talks about a new era in which the RCMP appears ready to go after Canadian companies that engage in corrupt practices when doing business abroad.
Dispatches - June 24, 2010Jun 24, 2010 | 52:08Dispatches June 24, 2010 Audio
Dispatches June 24, 2010 Jun 24, 2010 | 52:08from Selaya, India - Kandahar - San Giuseppe Jaco, Italy - Whitehorse - Shanghai - Rhotak, India
Dispatches - "Kill or be killed"Jul 29, 2010 | 4:46Dispatches "Kill or be killed" Audio
Dispatches "Kill or be killed" Jul 29, 2010 | 4:46A text message appeared on the cellphones of many Nigerians last January. "Kill before they kill you." When the rioting finally ended, more than 300 Christians and Muslims lay dead. From Washington, Sunday Dare, editor of the online website Newsbreaksnow.com, was monitoring that violence in his home village of Jos.
Dispatches - "Cuba's netless  surfers" (Documentary)Jul 29, 2010 | 11:34Dispatches "Cuba's netless surfers" (Documentary) Audio
Dispatches "Cuba's netless surfers" (Documentary) Jul 29, 2010 | 11:34In Cuba, internet connections are only available to people with, well, connections. Canadian journalist Sheena Rossiter found a lively underground movement busily inventing ways to make their own.

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