WAM | Dec 7, 2012 | 23:47

WAM Liner Notes Hey Rosetta

Time now for Liner Notes.... Hey Rosetta is a band based in this province but they spend the vast majority of thier time travelling the world playing and promoting their music, building a fan base every chance they get. However the band do make it a point of being home for Christmas. That's when Hey Rosetta get to play for home town fans who were there from the start. And at this year's show, Hey Rosetta will have a little something extra under the Christmas tree. The band has just released an EP entitled,"A Cup Of Kindness Yet" containing four origional Christmas songs. Bandmates Tim Baker and Phil Maloney dropped by our Liner Notes studio to talk about everything from radio, how the band got their name to releasing a Christmas CD with origional material like this one,"Carry Me Home".

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