Ideas | Jan 13, 2010 | 54:00

How To Think About Science - Part 1

How to Think About Science begins with a conversation with Simon Schaffer. David Cayley called on him recently in his office at the Whipple Museum of the History of Science at Cambridge where he teaches.

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Ideas The Scapegoat - Part 1 Mar 1, 2011 | 53:59Human beings, according to French thinker René Girard, are fundamentally imitative creatures. We copy each other's desires and are in perpetual conflict with one another over the objects of our desire. In early human communities, this conflict created a permanent threat of violence and forced our ancestors to find a way to unify themselves. They chose a victim, a scapegoat, an evil one against whom the community could unite. Biblical religion, according to Girard, has attempted to overcome this historic plight. Girard's ideas have influenced social scientists over his long career as a writer and teacher. IDEAS producer David Cayley introduces this seminal thinker to a wider audience.
Ideas - Generation PornOct 21, 2013 | 53:59Ideas Generation Porn Audio
Ideas Generation Porn Oct 21, 2013 | 53:59Thirty years ago, a peek at a Playboy centrefold was a rite of passage for teenage boys. Today kids as young as ten can view pornography on smart phones. Hassan Ghedi Santur explores the long-term consequences of this burgeoning exposure to pornography.

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