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    Trailbreakers - Trailbreakers: Fred SasakamooseAug 29, 2012 | 27:29Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Fred Sasakamoose Audio
    Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Fred Sasakamoose Aug 29, 2012 | 27:29Fred Sasakamoose is the first status First Nations player in the NHL. He broke a trail that many Aboriginal players have since followed. We'll hear his story and the tales of some of the stars that followed. Folks like Brian Trottier and Jordin Tootoo. And these players have made some dreams come true for generations of young players, we'll hear from them.
    Trailbreakers - Trailbreakers: Lisa MeechesAug 22, 2012 | 27:30Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Lisa Meeches Audio
    Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Lisa Meeches Aug 22, 2012 | 27:30Lisa Meeches is an award winning Aboriginal film maker. Now she's mentoring a new crop of story tellers and teaching them modern techniques of ancient traditions. But she's also breaking some of her own rules and working with peoples of all cultures, integrating anyone interested into stories of Aboriginals and First Nations culture.
    Trailbreakers - Trailbreakers: Chef David WolfmanAug 16, 2012 | 27:38Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Chef David Wolfman Audio
    Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Chef David Wolfman Aug 16, 2012 | 27:38Chef David Wolfman serves traditional foods in unexpected ways. It must be working because Cooking with the Wolfman wrapped it’s 8th television season, and he’s a culinary arts professor at George Brown College, teaching a new generation of Native chefs. All while infusing his cooking with advice on healthy eating, exploring Aboriginal foods and practicing what he preaches by taking his techniques out into the community. Along the way he’s created a new food trend: Aboriginal Fusion.
    Trailbreakers - Trailbreakers: Rina BrightAug 8, 2012 | 27:29Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Rina Bright Audio
    Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Rina Bright Aug 8, 2012 | 27:29Rina Bright grew up on the Sandy Bay First Nation, a community where the doctor showed up once a week, and the dental office was a school hallway. Today she's a teacher at Children of the Earth School in Winnipeg, dedicated to a special program aimed at Aboriginal students who want to become health care workers. In this unique model, Rina stays with her students for four years, as they get the chance to work in clinics and assist in surgeries. Rina believes this program is a powerful way to increase the number of Aboriginal people working in health care in Canada. And it's a program we desperately need, especially when you consider that Aboriginal people make up more than 4% of Canada's population, but less than 0.25% of the physicians.
    Trailbreakers - Trailbreakers: Wabano & Allison FisherAug 1, 2012 | 27:29Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Wabano & Allison Fisher Audio
    Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Wabano & Allison Fisher Aug 1, 2012 | 27:29Wabano: It’s a health clinic to some and a way of life to others. Wabano is Cree for New Beginnings and under the guidance of Executive Director Allison Fisher it is becoming exactly that: a place where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal alike are able to get their body and soul together and begin anew. On this episode of Trailbreakers you’ll discover how Allison has taken a small clinic in Ottawa and turned it into a medical centre blending Western and First Nations medical practices, gives people job skills, and even hits the streets of Ottawa’s less fortunate neighbourhoods to reach out to the people normally left on the margins of society.
    Trailbreakers - Trailbreakers: Clarence LouieJul 25, 2012 | 27:31Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Clarence Louie Audio
    Trailbreakers Trailbreakers: Clarence Louie Jul 25, 2012 | 27:31In Osoyoos, Chief Clarence Louie is shaking things up with a restaurant where you can eat BC Salmon on the patio, while drinking Pinot Noir from the first Aboriginal owned and operated winery in North America. Just one of the innovative new industries there. But, does it serve the needs of the actual rez residents? And, are jobs in restaurants really what Indigenous folks should be striving for?
    Trailbreakers - Trailbreakers (Summer): Corrine HuntJul 18, 2012 | 27:30Trailbreakers Trailbreakers (Summer): Corrine Hunt Audio
    Trailbreakers Trailbreakers (Summer): Corrine Hunt Jul 18, 2012 | 27:30Corrine Hunt of Komoyue and Tlingit heritage is an artist making waves, both positive and negative ones. She created the wavy medals for the Vancouver Olympics, earning both kudos and complaints. And she’s on the front lines of meshing traditional cultural art and icons in very non-traditional settings, such as the frames of a commercial line of eye glasses. Moving traditional Art into the mainstream can bring both celebrity and condemnation.

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