Shift - NB | Jan 28, 2013 | 6:35

Abortion Debate in NB

It's been 25 years since the Supreme Court of Canada decriminalized abortion. It's been over 10 years since New Brunswick's abortion laws were challenged in court, but there has yet to be a ruling. This province has one of the country's most restrictive laws on abortion. St. Thomas University journalism student Cherise Letson takes a look at the continuing debate.

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Shift - NB - Moncton's sugar campMar 12, 2015 | 6:34Shift - NB Moncton's sugar camp Audio
Shift - NB Moncton's sugar camp Mar 12, 2015 | 6:34The trees are tapped and the sap is running at the Moncton Maple Sugar Camp. Heather Fraser explains how the city got into the syrup business.
Shift - NB - Political panelMar 12, 2015 | 19:51Shift - NB Political panel Audio
Shift - NB Political panel Mar 12, 2015 | 19:51Shift's panel looks at MP John Williamson's comments about race and the temporary foreign workers program, plus duality and the school bus.
Shift - NB - First LinkMar 12, 2015 | 8:45Shift - NB First Link Audio
Shift - NB First Link Mar 12, 2015 | 8:45The province has announced funding for a new program to help Alzheimer and dementia patients in the province.
Shift - NB - Woodchucks are up!Mar 11, 2015 | 8:48Shift - NB Woodchucks are up! Audio
Shift - NB Woodchucks are up! Mar 11, 2015 | 8:48A sure sign of spring - the woodchucks at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute have given up hibernation for the year!
Shift - NB - Calls for resignationMar 10, 2015 | 8:36Shift - NB Calls for resignation Audio
Shift - NB Calls for resignation Mar 10, 2015 | 8:36Some are calling for MP John Williamson to resign over comments he made about the temporary foreign workers program. Rachel Cave has the story.
Shift - NB - The Mysterious EastMar 10, 2015 | 8:51Shift - NB The Mysterious East Audio
Shift - NB The Mysterious East Mar 10, 2015 | 8:51Silver Donald Cameron tells us about the magazine of the late 60s and early 70s and efforts to get Peter Gzowski to move to Fredericton and get involved.
Shift - NB - Youth voteMar 10, 2015 | 15:22Shift - NB Youth vote Audio
Shift - NB Youth vote Mar 10, 2015 | 15:22A panel of student newspaper editors looks at why more young people don't go to the polls, and what can be dne about it.
Shift - NB - Frederictom home cook outMar 9, 2015 | 7:21Shift - NB Frederictom home cook out Audio
Shift - NB Frederictom home cook out Mar 9, 2015 | 7:21Applications engineer Kevin Gregory made it all the way to the Top 13 on Masterchef Canada, before an egg and truffle dish took him down.
Shift - NB - Gzwoski to FrederictonMar 9, 2015 | 13:34Shift - NB Gzwoski to Fredericton Audio
Shift - NB Gzwoski to Fredericton Mar 9, 2015 | 13:34Our media librarian Margaret Isaacs brings us an interview from about 1969 where Peter Gzowski talks about his plan to move to Fredericton!
Shift - NB - Snow bunting expertMar 6, 2015 | 9:36Shift - NB Snow bunting expert Audio
Shift - NB Snow bunting expert Mar 6, 2015 | 9:36Alain Clavette talks with an expert and discovers snow buntings in the maritimes may be migrating from Iceland, not the Canadian arctic!
Shift - NB - Amazing book launchMar 6, 2015 | 9:13Shift - NB Amazing book launch Audio
Shift - NB Amazing book launch Mar 6, 2015 | 9:13A group in Sussex is organizing a launch for Beth Powning's latest - A Measure of Light - that will transport you into the book's 17th century setting!
Shift - NB - Oil overchargeMar 5, 2015 | 10:03Shift - NB Oil overcharge Audio
Shift - NB Oil overcharge Mar 5, 2015 | 10:03Irving Oil has apologized for overcharging a Fredericton couple for heating oil as many as 13 times. Robert Jones has the full story.
Shift - NB - Cynfully DeliciousMar 5, 2015 | 6:30Shift - NB Cynfully Delicious Audio
Shift - NB Cynfully Delicious Mar 5, 2015 | 6:30Cynthia Liberty makes everything from scratch - and I mean everything! And she'll make it for your family too.
Shift - NB - Weir fishery futureMar 5, 2015 | 7:34Shift - NB Weir fishery future Audio
Shift - NB Weir fishery future Mar 5, 2015 | 7:34With Connors Brothers opting not to recall a second shift of sardine plant workers, Melanie Sonnenburg looks at the future of the fishery.
Shift - NB - Deer rescueMar 4, 2015 | 8:22Shift - NB Deer rescue Audio
Shift - NB Deer rescue Mar 4, 2015 | 8:22A group of people in Pointe Verte saved a deer stuck between two ice floes today, and the CBC's Bridget Yard was there!

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