When is the deadline for pitches?

There is no hard deadline. The application process is rolling.

I live outside of Canada. Can I apply?

Yes. We accept pitches from Canadians living abroad and from people with unique ties to Canada.  We are also interested in international partnerships.

Do you accept pitches from individuals, or teams?  

Either is fine - discussion about the makeup of the team will be part of the development process.

How many pitches will you select?

We’re not sure yet. It depends on the quality and quantity of pitches we receive.

What are you looking for in terms of production experience?

We will provide some development support but are also looking for folks who can hit the ground running and have audio/radio production experience.

What are you looking for in on-air host talent?

For on-air talent, we are looking for people who have a presence and are comfortable on-air, whether emerging or established talents. Please include suggestions for who could host your proposed program or podcast, along with links to online audio/video of their work or clips that give us a feel for their style and personality. If you are pitching a character-driven project, you must include audio or video of that person in your submission.

I’m already producing the podcast that I’m pitching. Is that okay?

Yes, so long as you own the rights to it and you make that clear in your pitch.

Will CBC own the rights of my pitch, regardless of whether it is chosen?

CBC's rights to the pitch are laid out in the Pitch Release Agreement on the ‘Submit Your Pitch’ page.  If we're interested in developing your program or podcast, we'll enter into a separate rights agreement with you before taking that next step.

I sent in my pitch and haven’t heard back. Should I follow up?

Thanks for your interest, but please don’t send any follow up emails. If we want to hear more about you or your pitch we will be in touch!

Top Tips

Here’s a list of useful tips that should help you brainstorm and finesse your pitch:

  1. Read and follow the Pitch Guide.
  2. Listen to other shows and podcasts from CBC, NPR, PRX, WNYC, APM, PRI, BBC, Gimlet, Radiotopia, etc.
  3. Really ask yourself, what makes this show a GREAT idea? What makes this different from other podcasts or programs that are currently out there?
  4. Be realistic about what you can do. If you have some gaps in experience or skills, spell them out and propose solutions.
  5. FOCUS your idea. If it takes you more than a couple of short sentences to pitch your idea, it probably isn't ready to pitch yet. Ask someone you don’t know well to read your pitch and then tell you what the podcast is about in a couple of lines.
  6. Fall in love with your ideas, but don't marry them just yet.

Ready to draft your pitch?