Once you’ve read through the Pitch Guide and FAQ and feel confident in your fully-formed and focused idea, you can start drafting your Pitch Document.

Prepare answers to the following questions. Your answers should be numbered and not exceed a total of 2 pages.

  1. Are you pitching a podcast, or a radio program?
  2. What’s your proposed program or podcast called?
  3. Give us your elevator pitch. What’s the gist? [3 sentences or less]
  4. Who is your audience? Who will listen, and why will they care? [2 sentences or less]
  5. Why you? What makes you qualified to produce or host this show? If your idea involves other people, who are they, and why them?  Include hyperlinks to audio or video that give us a sense of your proposed host’s tone and talent. [10 sentences or less]
  6. What’s your sound? We know what your show is about, but what does it sound like? What treatments, voices and tone can we expect to hear? Please prepare audio and/or video clips of your proposed host or characters. Include these via hyperlink in this section.  [10 sentences or less]
  7. What have you been up to? If you’re already producing a podcast, we want to hear it! We also want to hear other audio segments you’ve hosted/produced that gives us a sense of your style.  Include these via hyperlink in this section, or prepare them as attachment files to upload in the final stages of submission. [3 sentences or less]
  8. What show(s) would your podcast be compared to? Imagine iTunes offered your listeners a suggestion of what other podcasts they might like. What shows would come up? [1 sentence]

Save your answers in either a Word or PDF document, and prepare a copy of your resumé and any relevant video/audio clips you’d like to include with your application.

When you’re ready, enter the  submit your pitch page, where you will be asked to agree to the terms of submission and upload your Pitch Document, and any associated audio/video clips.

You will get an email confirming we have received your pitch.