The Doc Project is a CBC Radio show a training resource, blog, and professional development initiative that offers opportunities to CBC staff, casual/contract employees and regular CBC freelancers interested in radio documentary production and audio storytelling.

The Mentorship Program is the cornerstone of The Doc Project.

The Doc Project's Mentorship Program:

It aims to foster collaboration and cross-pollination within the CBC Radio community. The program teams up veteran documentary makers/editors with radio producers and freelancers, to bring fresh and innovative stories to life.

Since launching in September 2014, our Mentorship Program has produced a number of celebrated and innovative documentaries. Here's a sampling:

  • Vancouver-based freelancer Willow Yamauchi teamed up with The Current's Joan Webber to produce Deaf Jams, a documentary about hearing impaired musicians.
  • CBC Moncton's Vanessa Blanch was paired with doc editor Karen Levine to tell the story of Chris Metallic; a New Brunswick student who mysteriously vanished two years ago. Their collaboration, Answer Back, Brother, aired on The Sunday Edition.
  • John Chipman, who works on As it Happens, partnered with Nicola Luksic to produce Eureka! Mapping the Creative Mind, for Ideas.
  • The Current's Gord Westmacott worked under the guidance of doc veteran Steve Wadhams to produce A Question for the Military, a documentary about the way the Canadian Military investigates the death of its soldiers.

The Mentorship Program involves a competitive application process, with successful applicants being seconded for 2-5 weeks from their regular shows/assignments to participate.

Regular CBC freelancers are welcome to apply; they will be paid the standard freelance rate based on the item they produce.

Our Mentorship Program relies on a pool of extremely talented and dedicated mentors. The work generated by members of this group has been recognized by nearly every major award in broadcast journalism, including the Prix Italia, the Peabody, and the New York Festivals.

Each mentor is affiliated with a specific CBC Radio program. It's expected that the docs they produce in collaboration with The Doc Project will air on their home program (e.g. Karen Levine produces docs that air on The Sunday Edition, and Joan Webber produces docs that air on The Current).

Each of our mentors has a distinct style and approach to doc making. They are fantastic people to learn from and to collaborate with.

The The 2016-2017 Doc Project Mentors are:

  • Joan Webber (The Current)
  • Karen Levine (The Sunday Edition)
  • Greg Kelly (Ideas)
  • Iris Yudai (Unreserved)
  • Alison Cook (The Doc Project)
  • Kaj Hasselriis (Untitled)

For more information and contacts for each mentor, visit The Doc Project website..


Given that professional development and learning is a priority goal for this project, the application review committee is looking for potential in your pitch, not perfection.

We are looking for applicants who:

  • can illustrate how this opportunity will further their professional development
  • can explain how they will share what they learn with others in the CBC community
  • are able to make a continuing contribution to the CBC

Upcoming application deadline is May 1, 2017.

The Doc Project Mentorship application can be found here.