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A Performance Hour Documentary Special: "A Bullet for the General"

The latest audio feature from Newfoundland documentary maker Chris Brookes unravels the mystery of Major General Hugh Tudor.Tudor mugshot-1.jpg

For four decades, this decorated World War One general and friend of Winston Churchill lived in St. John's - far from his country, his wife and children, and very far indeed from the limelight.

But he lived in fear, carrying a Webley revolver and a set of brass knuckles in case of a surprise attack.

And he harboured a dark secret - one that would eventually carry an assassin across the Atlantic on a mission to hunt him down. Or so they say.

Tudor had been the commander of the infamous Black and Tans, the British force formed in 1920 to "fight fire with fire" against the IRA in Ireland.

After Irish independence in 1922, Tudor was considered a marked man, and he escaped to exile in Newfoundland.

Did the assassination attempt actually happen, or is it the stuff of legend?

With the help of Newfoundland crime novelist Thomas Curran, the documentary sleuths the mystery of a man reviled in Ireland as a rapacious war criminal, and remembered in St. John's only as a quiet old man.

"A Bullet for the General" is a Battery Radio production, and aired on RTE Dublin in January.

You'll find an audio listening link and background information on Hugh Tudor at the Battery Radio website.