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Constant Companions in Newfoundland Traditional Music

graham-billy-jason.jpgThe fiddle and accordion are a near-perfect combination in Newfoundland trad music.

And the same might be said of Graham Wells and Billy Sutton.

Having learned the music at the feet of his father and grandfather, Graham is a button accordion player of great renown in St. John's.

Billy is master of many instruments, but the fiddle is his weapon of choice when he and Graham sit down to play.

For over a decade they've been jamming together and trading tunes. These days they host regular sessions at Erin's Pub in St. John's.

This Saturday (March 3), Graham Wells and Billy Sutton drop by the Performance Hour studio, armed with fiddle and accordion, ready for a chat and a spirited set of tunes.

Also this week, Leslie Vryenhoek reads from her latest book of poetry, Gulf.

With titles like "The Sum of Come From Aways" and "New Tenant's Lament," her poems explore the meaning of home and the search for belonging. Her reading was recorded at the 2012 Sparks Literary Festival in St. John's.

(Photo: Don Shorrock)