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Fierce, Feisty and Furious: The Dardanelles in Concert

Dards_Ship-1.jpg"...a bunch of young bucks lashing through a fierce and feisty bunch of fit trad grace notes." - Irish Times

"...a fresh and invigorating new voice in Newfoundland music." - Patrick Boyle, musician

"The Dardanelles... played accordions, fiddles and guitars loud and furious and then louder and more furious." - Cleveland Dealer
Many folk musicians talk about their love of the past, about honouring the tradition and preserving a legacy.
But if you're looking for a band that looks ahead, driving the tradition relentlessly forward, we've got it for you this Saturday (Oct. 15).
The Dardanelles make the old music sound as fresh and vital as if it was written yesterday, 
Without opting for "contemporary" arrangements - no electric guitars or drums here - the band gives the Newfoundland tradition a shot of adrenalin by capturing the joy and fire within the classic tunes.
The musicianship is brilliant, but it's the spirit of discovery and infectious devotion to the music that makes the Dardanelles one of the hottest young trad acts in Canada.