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Jamming Without a Net

DAVID BRAID.jpgThey don't rehearse or write music together.

Sometimes they just get on stage and start playing without a word.

David Braid (left) and Phil Nimmons (below) play spontaneous music, improvised on the spot.

This Saturday (May 7) they'll bring that approach to the Performance Hour.

They played their first "improv" show in 2004, which is also when they made their first live, unedited and uncut CD, Beginnings.

Their forthcoming release, Falling Through, will be drawn from the concert we'll hear on this week's edition of the Performance Hour.

"If any two people represent the past, present and future of Canadian jazz, it has to be the inspired duo of clarinetist Phil Nimmons and his former pupil, David Braid." - Jazzfest International, Victoria


Nimmons is a legend of the Canadian jazz scene. Braid, 52 years his junior, is one of the great young piano players in the country.

We'll hear them making-it-up-as-they-go in a concert recorded in St. John's.

They'll also take questions from the audience about the joys and pitfalls of improv music.

(Photo credit: Xu Jian)