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Night Music for Weekend Shut-Ins

jetset.jpgThe night owls rule the live music scene in St. John's.

In most downtown bars, a band rarely starts before 10:30. If there's more than one act on the bill, it's usually around 12:30 or 1:00 AM before the headliner takes the stage.

All well and good if you're the sort of person who keeps those hours.

But where does it leave the early-to-bed music lover?

If that person has a taste for rock, pop, and celtic music - the sort of stuff that thrives in bars - it's almost impossible to stay up to speed with the latest and greatest.

That's where this Saturday's (December 4) edition of the Performance Hour comes in.

We'll prowl the latest CDs and downloads from Newfoundland artists, playing you the best tracks at a decent hour of the day.

You might even get a Christmas gift idea or two by the time the show is over.

Photo: Jetset Motel are a band of Newfoundlanders making music in Toronto.