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The Circle of Payne: Jim, Charlie, Daniel, and Roy

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It was an occasion for endless punning: what a Payne... a Payne-ful experience... and so on.

It was also an occasion for great music from a quartet of consummate Newfoundland entertainers, and you'll hear it this Saturday (Nov. 6) on the Performance Hour.

The "Circle of Payne" took place last month in Rocky Harbour, during the 2010 Music Newfoundland and Labrador Awards Weekend.

Jim Payne, Charlie Payne, Daniel Payne, and Roy Payne gathered on stage at the Fisherman's Landing Inn, where they shared songs, tunes, and stories from their diverse musical backgrounds.

The session also includes my interview with Roy Payne, the man behind classic songs like "The Little Boats of Newfoundland" and "No Price Tags on the Doors of Newfoundland."

The weekend was a homecoming for Roy Payne, who was born and raised in Trout River, not far from Rocky Harbour. A few hours after this show was recorded, he was honoured with Music Newfoundland and Labrador's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Photo: Roy joins the Circle of Payne at the Fishermen's Landing Inn.